Friday, May 29, 2009


Bio exams coming up on Monday. So of course i had to study my head off, revising about cystic fibrosis, albinism and the list goes on.
After studying about how one base in our gene can affect the whole functioning of the protein and the cell, I felt like woooaahhh! Imagine, me and most of us created perfect genetically. Who cares about how you look like physically, God made sure every base in our DNA, every protein in our body is functioning the way it should be. And just imagine ONE missing amino acid would result in cystic fibrosis, one additional chromosome will result in Downs Syndrome. Just one slip up could result in you being a non functional being.

So to those of you who complain about how you look like physically, DON'T!
Just be glad that you are born perfect genetically.
Those who aren't wish they were you.

Monday, May 11, 2009

May Birthdays be in May!

There are 3 people in my class that have birthdays on the month of May. So we decided to have dinner together at Midvalley and watch a movie as well. The movie we watched was Coming Soon, a scary Thai horror movie that caused me to have insomnia the next day. But props to the director of the movie, it had a really well thought story line. My friend 'Lola' was complaining during the movie saying it was torture watching it on her 18th birthday :P That's cuz I insisted on watching it over Xmen. But every 18 year old has to build courage, no? :P So that was probably a good stepping stone :D
After raising our blood pressure to the max, we went for dinner at Chilis to celebrate Juliana's, Laura's and Zhini's 18th birthday. The food was really good and so was the cake! But I think the TGI Fridays mud cake I ate on my birthday (thanks to Aveena :P) was way better. But in the end it wasn't about the movie, the frequent matchmaking of boys courtesy of Juliana or the delicious Cajun Club Sandwich I had for dinner, it was the time spent together, the screams the laughter and the joy of getting older together :P
So once again,