Friday, February 29, 2008

Running In Circles

Well, not exactly in circles.. more like rectangles around the housing area at Desa Sri Hartamas..yup, my school had Merentas Desa as well as Hari Kantin today. The 4km route was pretty tiring considering the fact that I have not been exercising ever since I climbed up Penang Hill..and that was during last years school holidays. I got the 26th place which was pretty satisfying as the whole Form 4 and 5 girls were competing as well. As usual, I felt like barfing immediately after I finished the race. But the best part of the day was Hari Kantin..yes, food is the heart to the soul, well to my soul at least. There were loads of food served at the basketball court which was the first cuz normally this joyous occasion is held at the school canteen...duh, hari canteen?? I bought a slice of pizza which costed a mind boggling RM3.50!! Crazy freak!! That miserable slice did not do me any good as I bought a stick of nuggets, cookies and rojak..
Not only did I eat, but I sold food for the English Club as well. We sold cookies, brownies with ice-cream and cupcakes and made a profit of RM350! How sweet is that?! Well, I definitely enjoyed myself and thank goodness I did cuz it is the last Merentas Desa and Hari Kantin that I will ever have.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Yes ,Valentines Day...what an ingenious way to spend all your money by buying all the flowers you can get and giving them to your love ones. Though I believe that the bigger the flower, the larger the quantity of pesticides sprayed, most people dont really bother or even realize as they are too engrossed in smelling the 'sweet' aroma it gives off.. eww, just imagine smelling pesticides on Valentines...Hmmm, how about chocolates, you might ask..well, giving your gal a box of chocolates clearly means that you want her to finish it all by herself and in result, make her FAT the rest of the year..Have no fear, you can make your love ones happy without practically injecting pesticides and saturated fats into her system. All you have to do is pay 50 cents to the ED board and you would leave your love ones awwwing till they cant awe anymore..terms and conditions apply...
Anyway, I think this Valentines left Fatin and I so alone... sure we got some chocolates from our fellow friends but its just not the same without Sue Hsien and the guy I like who is definitely not in my school...oh well Im a saggitarius, I was meant to throw bows and arrows to make people fall in love...and I did, well I tried! I managed to convince some of my friends to do something big as it is going to be their last year in the school.. some of them did and it all turned out perfecto! Well sort of... I guess I was born to be a saggitarius so lets hope that I can hit my own target soon.. Of course, after SPM!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

In Memory of Mee Udang

Cant believe the Chinese New Year holidays are almost over! As usual, I went to visit my grandparents at Kulim, and now Im stopping by at Ipoh. I got to skip school on Tuesday to go balik kampung and it was too bad i didnt get to see those Japanese students who visited our school! Oh maannn!! Aveena told me some of the Jap guys were pretty good looking and when I mean PRETTY good looking Im saying that thier practically girly looking.. well thats whay my friend told be and honestly Im not that surprised. Its not that their born girly, they made themselves that way...hey, thats fashion and beauty for you, Japanese stlye..
Anyway, I wanted to have lunch at this Malay kampung house that sells the best mee udang Ive ever eaten. Sadly, the owner told us that he stopped selling the dish as the price of fresh prawns has increased to the extent that their usual customers couldnt afford it. To them RM 5 for a bowl of noodles is pretty expensive. It might be cheap for a city person but it aint cheap for them..
I am totally dissapointed! Now Im never gonna experience what I believe is a bowl of noodles to die for!
I went to Penang to visit my cousins and relatives and we stopped by at Queansbay Mall to have lunch. We had Sushi King and tried out their Yee Sang. I thought it was pretty good but my mum beg to differ. I then stopped by some shops and ended up buying a jacket blouse that was on sale.
Despite the fact that I didnt get to eat that yum mee udang, my aunt gave me some of her homemade kuih bang kek to eat at home. Let me tell you, her kuih bang keks are absolutely fantastic! The special thing about her paistry is that it has an undescribable texture in its center, almost crunchy yet soft, what a contrast!
I cant wait to get back home to finish all the homework that has been piling up ever since I went on holiday. All in all, CNY was pretty nice and i cant wait to count the money Ive recieved from my relatives, hehe....