Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ballack's Back!

Michael Ballack's seven month lay off finally came to an end when he returned to play for Chelsea during the match againts Birmingham City on Tuesday. Ballack almost scored a goal in the 16th minute but it hit the crossbar...awwwwwh! But he didnt play the whole 2 hours, as he was replaced by some dude....phhhh, maybe thats why Chelsea lost to Birmingham City 2-0! Thats what you get for repalcing Michael Ballack! Haha, Sue Hsien.....i guess you're wrong!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What Is Happiness?

"Happiness does not necessarily mean that you have the best of everything, but you make the best of everything that comes your way" BRIDGET MENEZES

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Im Freeeee!!!!!!!

Ok, I have to admit that today was more fun then yesterday...yes, still talking about the broadcasting course.. but out of ten, i'll give this course a 4...i'm such a tough critic! sorry, it was interesting, but not interesting enough! Today, going with a group of 54 people, we visited the National Cancer Society Malaysia. I was kinda glad that I had the oppurtunity to see what this society has to offer. I must admit that the caretakers there were very friendly and passionate about their jobs, thus creating a strong bond among the patients. To them, cancer portrays a picture of life, giving them hope to carry on no matter how bad something might become. Yet, many people think of cancer as a picture of lost hope and negative is that! Thats why, this society wants to create awareness to the younger generation so that the victims of cancer do not have to walk alone.Its too bad my group did'nt get the chance to talk to the cancer survivors as we did'nt have much time..uh, i even wrote down the questions that I wanted to ask them! Thats why, a 4 out of 10! Of course we were there for another reason and not just to visit them... we actually had to make a 2 minute film about the society! Ahhhhh!! We interviewed some people, took videos, pictures and stuff like was pretty fun but we were given a very short amount of time to do it...we were very stressed out! Thats why, again, a 4 out of 10!

Monday, November 26, 2007

TV Anchors are hot!

Today was one of the most boring days of my life! My mum signed me up for this course on broadcasting and journalism, which is not my cup of tea. Its a two day programme and today was the first day. We went to the Astro Awani (some channel on astro) studio and they showed us around. Its pretty cool being in the studio..cameras all around you, the green background and stuff like that. I noticed that the television anchors were really attractive. Wanna know why? Apparently, they want to attract elderly women into seeing their shows! Hah, how shallow is that? Yet, they seem pretty passionate about their jobs...they make a lot of money so they have nothing to complain about! At least I've learnt a few things:
1. To be a tv anchor, you must look hot (there goes my chances)
2. Make sure you have your handphone with you to entertain yourself when things get boring (sms-ing Aveena made me sane again)
I hope tomorrows activities are more interesting, or I'll die of total boredom! Save me Aveena, save me!!!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

I Cant Believe Im Posting This

I wrote this poem for the school year book (Aveena made me do it!)...but of course, it didnt get picked....oh well, maybe next year!

The strange feeling I get
like im losing my head
although your not my type,
I cant let someone have the right
am I jealous ?
am I envious ?
am I crazier than previous ?
that you might fall in to the wrong hands
and I wont have the same you again?

The strange feeling you get
when you have two choices
take one , another loss
take both ,no such course
the path in the end
might work out for you
like the poem,the road not taken
or a car going the wrong direction
heading to a dead end section
So,did you make the right selection?

Oh Joy!!

Yay, joy, Manchester United lost to Bolton 1-0!..Lets just hope that Chelsea would keep on winning n ManU wuld keep on..uhmmmm!
sigh...When is Ballack gonna get better? I wanna see him play again!

My Favourite Lines of Lyrics

"And when you slammed the front door shut,
A lot of others opened up,
So did my eyes so I could see,
That you never were the best for me" *DAUGHTRY- Over You

"You know that all my life I've been waiting,
Waiting for some, someone like you to love me
You can't come by like an angel, into my life
And then fly away, fly away" * JAMIE SCOTT- Will I See Your Face Again

Friday, November 23, 2007

Why Am I Doing This?

It is soo not like me to do this, but because of my friends, i have decided to give it a go...blogging, i mean.My English aint dont sue me for that. So,what am i feeling right now...
1. Bored- staying at home aint that fun cuz someone might keep bugging
you to study or something
2.Annoyed- cant celebrate my 16th birthday cuz of some dull camp my
parents signed me up for..its not even camping..its more like
a 'how to study better' kind of camp..wohoooo
Sandra told me that SPM was really its probably a good thing that I'm spending my holidays studying..Sejarah...
I miss Form 3!!!!!!!!! if only i had a time machine...sigh