Monday, January 28, 2008

The Stalker Is Revealed

Wohooooo! Guess what, you are never gonna believe it, I have sooo made it !I have gotten a post in ED Board!! Although it wasnt the job I was aiming for, I am so satistfied with what I got... I got to be in techniques, which has to do with typing and figuring out people's messy handwriting. I got that description from Aveena.
Such a wierd thing happened today... as I was congratulating my friend, who is a guy as he made the cut in ED Board too, My BM teacher suddenly pulled me aside and we had a little walk and talk. Do you know what she said?? This was how my conversation with my overprotective teacher went:
Tea: Is that your boyfriend?
Me: WHAT!? NOOOO! Thats my friend and we were just talking
Tea: You sure?
Me: YES!!
Tea: Nowadays in class, I always find you daydreaming, are you ok?
Tea: Really? Cuz you look like you are stalking Form 1 and Form 3 guys
Me: (Shocked) No, Im good!
Oh My Goodness!!How in the world does she know that I stalk guys during my free time? Well hes not Form1 or Form3 but still! And thats just for fun, I seriously dont like him! Ahhhhh, I feel like everyone knows my hobby now...Hmm, I wonder if she reads my blog....

Friday, January 18, 2008

If You Were A Blackboard I Would Chalk You??

So sorry blog, havent had time to write to you.... and yet I was diligently watching American Idol although Im clearly not American. If I had a picture, I would show you...Haha, speaking of the show, it was pretty entertaining especially when that dude sang his very own stalkerish song to Paula Abdul...hmmm, that song actually relates to me..and my friend Fatin. Yup we are stalkers too. Well, beginners... No, we dont go around braking into houses and trying out undergarments.. Nice song though, huh, the dude who thought of 'if you were a blackboard i would chalk you'must be either very creative or very sick..yeah and the other dude who hasnt kissed a gal yet..awww i think that is soooooo sweet! Saving it for that special someone, and he aint bad looking either. Dude,if your reading this (sorry I forgot your name) good luck finding that lucky gal.Yeah, Fatin and I were laughing hysterically about some of the auditions that were too funny to handle. And we also gushed about some of the cute guys there too..sigh, America has many, many hot guys...
This week, I went for an interview myself..ED board interview....i was practically petrified when they asked me to have a seat. I thought I wasnt supposed to sit or something but I sat anyways...and they told me I had to learn computer graphics ..and lets say I have NO IDEA how in the world it actually functions. Dont tell me to ask my parents, they are even greater dinosaurs when it comes to technology. My dad doesnt even know how to sms people and he asks me to do it FOR him. Good thing I had Photoshop in my comp, or I would have been in great distress. Oh how dramatic! Gotta ciao now, have 2 essays to finish. Joy.....

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My Bed and I

Sigh, since school started, I somehow would wake up in the morning with eyebags and a sleepy face. I probably have to get a larger dose of sleep intead of my daily 11.30 pm slumber. Aww, but i like sleeping late cause I get to study a little bit more, and if Im lucky, watch the Oprah Winfrey Show. I guess I have to sleep earlier otherwise I would be late for school again.
Yup, got our school books ...all of them look thick to me, especially add maths. My mum has been pestering me to go for Add Maths tuition but I keep inisting cuz I believe I can study it myself, thank you very much. But of course she forced me to go for BM tuition cuz yes its true, I suck at BM.
Wanna write more but mum is asking me to go sleep. Its 10.30 now...hmm, maybe I can watch some Oprah before bedtime.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year Goal

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Ballack scored the winning goal againts Fulham! What a great way for Chelsea to start the new year. And what in the world is Teves doing with a dummy in his mouth? ManU people, sigh..


2008, wow, i have to remember that when I start writing dates on my exercise books. What would i probably do this year... hmm maybe work my butt of studying for SPM, pass Grade 8 piano this time.. blah blah blah, long story short, I expect 2008 to be 90% stress and 10% fun. What joy! With Sue Hsien and Taira gone, school wouldnt be as fun as when they were there.
Sigh, Sue Hsien with all her boy problems, listening to them does make me kinda bored but at least she tells me all her experiences with the opposite sex. Haha, I probably would stay single for a while.
And Taira with her German dictionary, let me tell you, speaking German aint all that easy. Besides, she lives on the same country as Michael Ballack. How cool is that? Probably not to you..
Anyways, I promise to start studying daily from now on and stop after SPM, hmm only 11 months of studying out of 12? What Joy!