Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Feeling Blue

Argh! I hate Liverpool! Cant believe Chelsea lost to them! This was the 1st EPL match I had watched this year and they HAD to lose. To top that off, Im feeling sick for the past two days probably due to food poisoning and SPM is just two weeks away!
Ayesha and I are supposed to perform for ED Board dinner and we're singing Bottle It Up by Sara Bareilles. We havent practice the song with the guitarist and Im kinda freakin out cuz I have never sang on stage before. Man, I'll probably choke on stage but not to worry, Ayesha is a professional.
I have been borrowing DVDs from Aveena and I recently watched 'The Other Boyeln Girl'. The movie is pertty good but the king is such an evil, obsessed-in-getting-a-male-heir sex addict. And to think that this person once existed in this world and used the name of God to justify his acts, is just appalling. I have read about king Edward the 8th before and he was much worse than he is in the movie.
Oh well, at least he got what he deserved in the end, a female heir to the throne. ( his only son died at 15, boo hoo!)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Yesterday, in the newspapers I saw the most shocking picture in my life, Manchester United players wearing BLUE! What in the world? They have blue jerseys now? Why must they steal Chelsea's signature colour that doesnt even look good on them? Ugh! I guess red is not their winning colour :P

Friday, October 17, 2008

Got Me Thinking

The other day, my friend asked me,
" Have you been thinking of what to do after SPM?"
" Not really..."
"What?! When my exams were one month away, I already thought of what to do after that!"
Now that got me thinking, so I decided to make a list of what to do after SPM. Hopefully, I would be able to fulfill every one of my wishes :)

1. Get MSN, i know, sad...
2. Get facebook and delete friendster account
3. Learn to play the electric guitar
4. Buy a Nancy Drew computer game :P I hardy play games so this will be interesting. Eyeing on The Phantom of Venice.
5. Hopefully, go to the Church Youth Camp. Interested in the camp at Perth. The brochure was so appealing,..... rock climbing, abseiling, beach side fun overlooking the Indian Ocean..... sigh, how relaxing!
6. Maybe get a job? Wanna experience the working life.
7. Choose between Taylors and HELP college
8. Learn how to drive :P
9. Get a car? If my dad is generous.... :) Planning on buying a second hand car.
Too many cars out there already, must they produce some more?
10. Go on a holiday! Don't care, just wanna get away from this place! How bout Turkey? :P

That is all I can think of, for now :)

The Star

As I looked up to the sky last night,
I tried to find a glimmer of light.
I searched among the blankets of clouds,
Not one star was to be found.
Alas, a sparkle that caught my eye,
One miserable star was in the sky.

I pitied the star that had to fight the night
She cried for help but no one was in sight
She looked down to find that no one noticed her plight
Alone she carried the burden of shining her light

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Boredom Strikes

Sigh....... So bored, nothing to do but study.....a month more to 8 days of hell! And yup, I'm not at school because its even more boring there, well not really, I would probably be playing cards in front of my teacher again. I just cant study in school, too noisy and too many temptations keeping me away from my books. So I have decided to play truant as long as I can so that I wont feel so guilty for not studying in school.
So I've got some of my trial marks, and so far so good. The marks that I'm most proud of is Add Maths. I got a 78, an A1 for Add Maths! That I did not expect. This is the highest I have ever gotten for the subject in Form 5 and I thought that this paper was the hardest Add Maths paper I have ever set for in my entire life! So happy :) but I'm sure that my History, Physics and Chemistry marks would dampen my spirit. I'll just have to wait and see....
My astro decoder is busted so I cant watch anything except DVDs. Currently watching the Lord of The Rings, and yes I have never watched not even one of the three movies made until two weeks ago. How 'ketinggalan zaman' of me. Just don't fancy those type of movies but I have to admit that the trilogy is pretty good. Uh, Elijah Wood has such piercing blue eyes. He look pretty cute in the movie but not so in reality :P

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tagged By Eunice

RULE :Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things / habits / little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird habits /things / little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names. No TAG backs!

1. I mostly eat organic food. People might say that I'm a hippie of something, I even eat organic peanut butter for goodness sake!
2. I like stalking guys. I know tisk tisk of me but a girl needs some entertainment once in awhile! Besides, its not that I like the guys I stalk, otherwise I wont make myself look so silly now would I? So my fellow victims, no hard feelings?!
3. I have a weird taste in music. I like Indie Rock for some reason. Bands such as the Arctic Monkeys and our local band Hujan have such insanely nice songs, with the electric guitars and all. And Tokio Hotel rocks! Their German:)
4. I have a pet bird called Mr Sunny. It doesn't really look like a bird though, its like a chicken/bird. My friend thought it was a turkey for some reason. Uh, why cant I just have a dog like everyone else?
5. I watch football. N I support Chelsea! Don't like ManU (too aggressive and rough, sorry Ayesha!), Liverpool is okay, but a friend of mine supports that club so I just say that they suck to spite him :) Arsenal is okay too.
6. I think Michael Ballack is sooo hot! Ditto to William Moseley!
7. I love dogs, hate cats. Cats just keep on defecating on my garden! Maybe its because my dad accidentally drove over two kittens before :( Vindictive cats..
8. My birth date is so cool! 12/12 This I can never forget.
9. Haha, the sweetest thing a guy has ever done for me was cleaning up my desk in school cuz I puked on it. I owe him.
10. I cant live without tv. I watch: The Simpsons, Scrubs, The Nanny, Oprah and Ugly Betty. Cant stand shows with too much sexual activities on it! Like be realistic man! Think of the young minds that you're polluting! Ooh, and I think White Chicks is the funniest movie of all time!
11. I plan on taking up the electric guitar after SPM.
12. Ah, my favourite number
13. Ballack's jersey number!
14. I'm really close with my cousin Andrea. Shes the best, like my long lost twin or somethin. But shes all the way in Aussie. Might I add that shes reaaaallllyy pretty!
15. I used to believe bad things people say about someone else. Not anymore.

Now, I taggg:
* Sue Hsien (revenge is sweet :))
* Aveena (You're the victim again :P)
* Irina (get a cbox lah!)

Friday, October 3, 2008

A Short Breeze..

Man does the holidays pass by like a breeze. It didnt feel like a holiday to me since I was basically studying my head off everyday. And its not like I volunteered to do so, my dad was pestering me frequently and it got on my nerves. So I gave in. Oh no, here he comes...

(2 minutes later)

How predictable... He told me that I wasnt studying...Wrong place and wrong time dad!
I was supposed to go 'balik kampung' but because SPM is around the corner, I decided that I'd better not go. I was kinda sad, really wanted to see my grandma. So I called her to tell her the news and she said that its okay, and of course reminding me to study hard. So I am, just for grandma :)

I did get to see Mamma Mia though, and it was pretty good. Frankly, I dont mind watching it again, Just have a thing for musicals. I was humming Abba songs for the next two days because of that movie. I was so surprised that Pierce Brosnan was able to sing..well, for an actor. He sounded Hispanic when he was singing though. During the movie, my dad was singing along to the songs and it was soooo embarrassing.... and annoying :P Hes kinda tone deaf so you could hear the wrong notes he was singing. I felt kinda sorry for the poor girl who was sitting next to him :P

Dancing queen young and sweet only seventeen.......