Friday, October 17, 2008

Got Me Thinking

The other day, my friend asked me,
" Have you been thinking of what to do after SPM?"
" Not really..."
"What?! When my exams were one month away, I already thought of what to do after that!"
Now that got me thinking, so I decided to make a list of what to do after SPM. Hopefully, I would be able to fulfill every one of my wishes :)

1. Get MSN, i know, sad...
2. Get facebook and delete friendster account
3. Learn to play the electric guitar
4. Buy a Nancy Drew computer game :P I hardy play games so this will be interesting. Eyeing on The Phantom of Venice.
5. Hopefully, go to the Church Youth Camp. Interested in the camp at Perth. The brochure was so appealing,..... rock climbing, abseiling, beach side fun overlooking the Indian Ocean..... sigh, how relaxing!
6. Maybe get a job? Wanna experience the working life.
7. Choose between Taylors and HELP college
8. Learn how to drive :P
9. Get a car? If my dad is generous.... :) Planning on buying a second hand car.
Too many cars out there already, must they produce some more?
10. Go on a holiday! Don't care, just wanna get away from this place! How bout Turkey? :P

That is all I can think of, for now :)

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