Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Chelsea vs Malaysia

The night's air was still and humid at Stadium Shah Alam. Yet, not even the weather could stop the fans from cheering themselves silly. I arrived at the match a little late due to traffic. As many as 60000 football fans, congregated at the stadium witnessing the once in a lifetime match, and I am proud to say that I was one of them. I was really surprised cuz it turns out that the Malaysian team was not so bad after all. The goalkeeper, Helmi was fast and accurate in saving the ball. Although I was there to support Chelsea, I cheered for the Malaysian team too as the patriotic side in me was ignited by the supporters around me. I got to see Lampard, Ashley Cole and Terry probably about 40 feet away from where I was sitting. Thank goodness for the big screen tv that magnified their hot faces! I was pretty disappointed as Ballack didnt even play for a second during the match. He looked like he was ready to go on the pitch as he was warming up with Shevchenko. Shevchenko played and Ballack did not. Dang! Ballack looked sooo hot on the big screen tv that most of the female Chelsea supporters shouted his name, me included. There were four German guys holding German flags and signs written in their mother tongue. I think they wanted to see Ballack in action too cuz Balllack's name was written on those signs. They sang some song hoping to get his attention. Sadly, they did not succeed. There were plenty of cute Caucasian and Chinese guys near where I was sitting. But no guy can compete with the tall, fair and handsome Michael Ballack. A standing ovation was given to the Chelsea and Malaysian team for the exciting match. I really enjoyed the game despite the fact that I didnt get to see Ballack doing his thing. Im crossing my fingers hoping that Chelsea will make a second trip to Malaysia in the near future!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Te Quiero

Just remembered another highlight of my Form 3 years:
11. Had a thing for Spanish shows thanks to Megan. She introduced me to a Spanish show that was showing on Astro Ceria called Chiquititas. Its about orphans of ages 7-15 living in a huge castle-like orphange, having adventures together, hoping to find their parents. Its filled with lots of drama, love (kinda young to start though) and a few imaginary friends here and there! Man, those Argentinian guys were soo hot especially Phillipe although he was probably about 15 years old! He could pass for a 17 year old though. He and Ballack have similar traits, the eyes, the bone structure....drool :)~

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Green Worms, Symbol of Curiosity

This year has been a touch and go for me. The saying that time flies when you are having fun is not true. I am so not having fun and yet time still flies. The thought of going to college just worries me because all of my senior friends agreed that the Form 5 years were the best. I beg to differ, I think Form 5 is the worst year of all my secondary school years. If I'm not having the time of my life now, just imagine what I'm gonna experience later. I miss those Form 3 years where everyone studied hard and had fun as well. I miss being a kid, running around the corridor stalking guys. I miss the friends I was close to, namely Megan and lots others. It was like the perfect class and everyone got along well. Form 5 is the opposite of this. I abhor my class as it is lifeless and the people there are so indifferent. Looking at my friend's post on his Form 5 years where he and his classmates were having fun raping each other and locking up their friends in a miniature prison made me think of the good times I used to had with my once close friends. I had to experience 7 friends saying their goodbyes as they went to study overseas. And I miss everyone of them! These were some of the highlights of my Form 3 years:
1. Going out to the movies with Megan, Aveena and Nazran. We felt a little awkward as he was the only dude!
2. Stalking a few guys with my entourage. My identity was revealed thanks to them!
3. There was a bug's nest at the corridor of our class. My friend, Sue Hsien poked it with a stick and green worms came out from it:S
4. Composing a fake love letter to George with my friends. The letter was anonymous and he actually believed it!
5. Singing 'Choo Pencil' with Ming Yu which was a remake of the song, Addicted by Simple Plan. It was part of our English play.
6. Ming Yu with his magic tricks being all David Blaine.
7. The football crazy times with the FIFA World Cup. Told everyone I knew that Ballack was hot. And he still is!
8. Geography. Miss the subject and the teacher that taught me, Pn Khoo!
9. The times when I was not talking to Sham because he said he loved me. He was just being sarcastic of course. And that was annoying.
10. And of course, not to forget, getting the highest in class for History! hehe, oh
and the straight A's for PMR!
I need an anti-depressant pill now, tomorrow and until I'm done with SPM.

Monday, July 7, 2008

A Day with 5 Girls & a Guy

My ex classmate, currently living in Aussie came back to Malaysia for the holidays. So we planned to go to lunch together with a few of her closest friends. We invited a few girls and guys but in the end, only 5 girls and a guy turned up. Felt bad for the dude though, having to stand six girls looking at guys as they pass through the Burger King drive-thru. Its not our fault, its just so happen that we sat next to the glass wall near the drive-thru counter! And some of the dudes were pretty cute, and no one should ignore that! Sigh, some guys just dont understand....For the guy's reputation sake, I shall not disclose his identity! It was the first burger I had eaten in 6 months. I know, wierd, but I dont find burgers that great. Besides, do you know how much saturated fats are there in a burger? I didnt even order a cup of Coke cuz who knows what its gonna do to my health. And Im not over reacting, there are plenty of experiments proving that carbonated drinks are unhealthy. Next, we went to my friends house and took some pictures. All in all, it was definitely a fun day and I bet that that guy enjoyed it too!
Oh yeah, so phyched that Im gonna watch Chelsea live in front of my very own eyes. Bought the tickets on Sunday. There's a picture of Ballack's face on the ticket.. sigh, sooo hot! And so what if Germany got 2nd? At least they made it to the finals! :P