Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A New Year

Well, looks like 2009 has started with a bang, by bang, I mean the fireworks that exploded with indescribable colours of brilliance.. okay forget the sentiment now, I am so freakishly sad, depressed and sleepy. After all the hard work and the countless amount of challenges that I have faced since 2008, its like i have to start all over again, another year, another 365 days of labour and strive. If only 2009 wouldn't come, if only December consisted of 50 days, if only if only.
As I gazed up to the sky, looking at the fireworks that displayed such happiness and optimism, I felt nothing. The wonderful display was a contrast as to what i felt deep inside me.
Another day of toil
Another day of suffering
Another day of loneliness
Another day of struggle
Another day of anger
Another day of sadness
Another day of misery
Yet, I should be thankful for another day that God has provided for me,
Another day of happiness
Another day of joy
Another day of thankfulness
Another day of prayer
Another day of hope
Another day of redemption
Another day to love
Hopefully, 2009 will bring me more joy instead of sorrow, to everyone who reads my blog, may you all have a blessed year ahead :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

DU COC Church Camp- Day 2

Didn't sleep well, woke up at 4 in the morning. Disturbed by coughing sounds in the room next to mine. Recharged myself by playing badminton and ping pong (my 1st time playing ping pong), then went to my friend's room to watch some Alvin & the Chipmunks, the fat little chipmunk was sooo cute! Didn't follow the adults that were going jungle trekking, cuz there are leeches in Pahang :P Instead, Zach, Sandra, Beverly and I went exploring on our own, along the road, were no leeches were to be found. There were some steep stairs that were leading up to a small hill so we decided to be all adventurous and went to see what was at the top of the hill. Turns out, it was some kind of praying site. There was a red looking pitch fork in the middle of the site and a can of beer next to it :P
Walked near the golf course and took some pictures of us and the scenery. When there were cars coming our way, Zach would take on the role as a traffic police, conducting traffic by whistling waving his hands like a pro. Haha, you should see the look of the drivers' faces, they probably thought that we were mentally retarded kids :P Then Zach decided to do that to a real police officer that was driving towards us. The policeman stopped. Oh no :P
Thank goodness he was friendly man, and asked my matsalleh friend where he was going and blahblahblah. Went back, for lunch and went out again to see a waterfall. Wanted to have scones at the Ye Olde Smokehouse but they were all full, wanted to have roti pisang at a malay store but they ran out of bananas. Mannn! Was contented with the cookies that I bought, ate them all. Had steamboat for dinner, then had devotion and singing. The devotion was about Daniel and his friends who stood up for what they believe in and were willing to be martyrs for they trusted in the Lord. Then we played charades and my team won! After that the youth stayed back to sing some songs. I learned this song, (the lyrics might not be 100% accurate)
"Love one another for love is of God
He who loves is born of God and knows God
Hes who does not love
Does not know God, for God is love
God is love"
And there were different lyrics for the sopranos, tenors and bases but when we sang it together, it felt so complete.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

DU COC Church Camp- Day 1

Date: 22nd-24th of December
Venue: Pine resort, Frasers Hill

The 2 hour journey up to the hill was long, winding and nauseating, and the fact that my dad drove as fast he could didn't help either. Didnt reach the Gap on time (only 5 minutes late) so we had to wait for an hour before we could drive up to the resort. While I was waiting, I saw a group of youth hanging around and they started singing some church songs that were pretty familiar to me. On the back of a dude's shirt wrote:
What are the odds :P
Was so happy to arrive at the resort, that was until I saw the lunch provided by the resort... mmm, unappetising. Took a break and then went out to play badminton. Headed to the tennis court too for the telematch hosted by the resort staff. The games that they made up were
*given 3 blocks of wood step on them without stepping on the ground and use them in a way that we can reach the finish line
* fill the bottle with water using a sponge ( how wet)
* dig out sweets from a bowl full of flour using our mouth (i was white for a day, and flour on your mouth doesn't taste good)
* two people facing each other need to carry the balloon to the finish line with their hands on their backs (my team won that challenge :))
Then had a break and played Counter Strike with my friend. I somehow had a hard time killing the terrorists, but they didn't have a hard time killing me :P Dinner was not as bad as lunch, but
I didn't eat much. Had devotion and singing, then played pictionary.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Just Rocky

Went to Hard Rock to have a birthday dinner with my parents. Never been to Hard Rock before but there wasn't anything special about the food there, just burgers (eww), sandwiches, meat, more meat, and different types of meat :P That place is crazy, a burger there costs RM30! 30 bucks for a freakin burger???! Now, I've seen everything!
I was so shocked to find two males in their late 50s and three teenagers ( judging from their looks) ages between 15 to 18 were drinking beer! Seriously, they let their kids drink beer?! What in the world is wrong with them?? Were the two elderly men drunk even before they started drinking or did the effects of alcohol in the long run damaged the function of their brain? Seriously, the world is becoming a twisted place, much worse than Sodom and Gomorrah?? Yes, wayyyy worse. I had to look at them in disgust, couldn't help it. Its like a picture of a disaster just waiting to happen. You know what, I'll take that back, NOW, I've seen everything!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Surprise Surprise

Planned to go out with Megan and Aveena yesterday to celebrate my birthday and Megan's belated birthday. At the last minute, Aveena called and said that Megan couldn't come! I was soooo annoyed :P Then I smsed Megan and she said she had the chicken pox, so I felt kinda guilty for expecting her to be there. When we reached 1U Aveena called her 'mother' (it was actually Ayesha :P) saying that we had arrived. Decided to go to TGI Fridays (never eaten there:P). Wanted to use the outside entrance but Aveena wanted to see 'some earrings' and insisted in using the entrance inside 1U. Went in and Aveena started walking further and further into the restaurant. I was like wondering, hey there's a table over here why must we go to the back??? And to my surprise, Megan and Ayesha were waiting in the restaurant and calling out, "SURPRISE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" I was like calling Megan an ass so many times for pranking me! I cant believe I'm soooo gullible!! Chicken pox?? I thought she had them when she was young!
After lunch, Aveena and Megan went to 'get the bill' I was really suspicious as the bill was taking such a long time to come. Then this waiter walked in with a piece of birthday cake with an ice cream on top and before I knew it, I was standing on the chair making a mini speech to my friends with a ketcup bottle as a microphone. That waiter made me do it!!! Then he and his waiter friends started cheering some words that I couldn't seem to catch. I was trying to smile, but I was so embarrassed! I wanted to kill Aveena :P
Then went to the movies to watch Bolt in 3D. The movie wasn't that nice but the 3D thing was so cool. My nose hurt from those heavy 3D glasses that we had to wear, too bad we couldn't get to keep them :P Then went to the photo booth to get sticky pictures, hate those machines that have instructions in Japanese, like who can read them here??
All in all I had a great time. I'm actually kinda impressed, it was such an elaborate scheme almost enough to give me a heart attack due to too much surprises. All the lies that they have concocted (that is, the words that I highlighted with colours = 4 lies) just to surprise me, awwww you shouldn't have! That was the best birthday celebration I have ever had! Thanks to my friends and their highly planned scheme that made this event possible :P

Monday, December 8, 2008

Second Trip

Went to Penang again yesterday, this time, only my dad and I went to see the historical sites that the island has to offer. Went to the Yeoh Kongsi where my ancestors once lived, its like a few rows of houses with a huge temple in the middle, i think they lived prosperously if you ask me. Couldnt go in to see it though cuz its being refurbished. Then, I went to the Yeoh Jetty where my ancestors first landed on the island. Its kinda cool to see that my ancestors had made a mark on Penang, wonder if i could do that, that is, make a mark on the world, not just Penang :P They must have been really courageous to leave behind their past in China and come to a foreign island to start over a new life.
After that, we went to the Cheah and Lee Kongsi but it was closed, Hari Raya and all. Then, explored Fort Convorlis where Francis Light (uh, History again :P) signed an agreement with the people of Penang so that he could have control over the island. There were a few cute guys there, the Brits and the Chinese, not bad :P After that, I insisted my dad to take me to Queensbay Mall cuz I like window shopping :) All in all, I had loads of fun, never knew Penang was that interesting!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Feeling that Something is Missing

In Kulim now visiting my grandparents. Went to Penang yesterday for church and then for asam laksa at Balik Pulau. Their laksa is like the best in the whole wide universe, so authentic, so heaven sent. Had two bowls of it cuz the serving is kinda small :P I can never get tired of eating that RM2.5o bowl of noodles to die for. I just love going to Penang cuz somehow being on a small island where the wind blows on the palm trees cuz of a phenomenon called sea breeze (physics is still stuck in my head :P)makes the world seem more peaceful and tranquil. There isn't any Astro at my parents house so I'm dead bored. Tried to sms friends to get rid of my boredom but they failed me miserably :P Cant wait to go home and learn how to drive. I'm not really excited like most people, I see it as more of a phase that i have to go through. Man I'm bored.........i really cant live without TV!

Monday, December 1, 2008


To celebrate the end of SPM, my friends and I went to play futsal at Bangsar. The scorching hot sun beamed onto our sun block protected skin. Our competitive spirit against the opponent ignited like the flames of fury from the sun.
Haha, how dramatic, but the sun was really scorching hot. Seven people were divided into two teams, my team had one teammate more that the opponent's team. How fair:) Half time, our team were leading 3-2 all thanks to goals from Sook Han and Kavita. I helped by passing the ball to them, cuz I am so not a scorer. I cant score a goal to save my life.
Had loads of fun even though we didn't really make full use of the time given to us to rent the court. Too tired, too hot, not used to playing futsal outdoors ;) Went to my friend's house to find shelter from the sun and played a PS2 game called Guitar Heroes (sounds somethin like that, cant remember) Sook Han and I were playing against Asfarina's brother. And even that, he still managed to beat us. I guess two heads aren't always better than one!