Friday, December 12, 2008

Surprise Surprise

Planned to go out with Megan and Aveena yesterday to celebrate my birthday and Megan's belated birthday. At the last minute, Aveena called and said that Megan couldn't come! I was soooo annoyed :P Then I smsed Megan and she said she had the chicken pox, so I felt kinda guilty for expecting her to be there. When we reached 1U Aveena called her 'mother' (it was actually Ayesha :P) saying that we had arrived. Decided to go to TGI Fridays (never eaten there:P). Wanted to use the outside entrance but Aveena wanted to see 'some earrings' and insisted in using the entrance inside 1U. Went in and Aveena started walking further and further into the restaurant. I was like wondering, hey there's a table over here why must we go to the back??? And to my surprise, Megan and Ayesha were waiting in the restaurant and calling out, "SURPRISE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" I was like calling Megan an ass so many times for pranking me! I cant believe I'm soooo gullible!! Chicken pox?? I thought she had them when she was young!
After lunch, Aveena and Megan went to 'get the bill' I was really suspicious as the bill was taking such a long time to come. Then this waiter walked in with a piece of birthday cake with an ice cream on top and before I knew it, I was standing on the chair making a mini speech to my friends with a ketcup bottle as a microphone. That waiter made me do it!!! Then he and his waiter friends started cheering some words that I couldn't seem to catch. I was trying to smile, but I was so embarrassed! I wanted to kill Aveena :P
Then went to the movies to watch Bolt in 3D. The movie wasn't that nice but the 3D thing was so cool. My nose hurt from those heavy 3D glasses that we had to wear, too bad we couldn't get to keep them :P Then went to the photo booth to get sticky pictures, hate those machines that have instructions in Japanese, like who can read them here??
All in all I had a great time. I'm actually kinda impressed, it was such an elaborate scheme almost enough to give me a heart attack due to too much surprises. All the lies that they have concocted (that is, the words that I highlighted with colours = 4 lies) just to surprise me, awwww you shouldn't have! That was the best birthday celebration I have ever had! Thanks to my friends and their highly planned scheme that made this event possible :P

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