Monday, December 8, 2008

Second Trip

Went to Penang again yesterday, this time, only my dad and I went to see the historical sites that the island has to offer. Went to the Yeoh Kongsi where my ancestors once lived, its like a few rows of houses with a huge temple in the middle, i think they lived prosperously if you ask me. Couldnt go in to see it though cuz its being refurbished. Then, I went to the Yeoh Jetty where my ancestors first landed on the island. Its kinda cool to see that my ancestors had made a mark on Penang, wonder if i could do that, that is, make a mark on the world, not just Penang :P They must have been really courageous to leave behind their past in China and come to a foreign island to start over a new life.
After that, we went to the Cheah and Lee Kongsi but it was closed, Hari Raya and all. Then, explored Fort Convorlis where Francis Light (uh, History again :P) signed an agreement with the people of Penang so that he could have control over the island. There were a few cute guys there, the Brits and the Chinese, not bad :P After that, I insisted my dad to take me to Queensbay Mall cuz I like window shopping :) All in all, I had loads of fun, never knew Penang was that interesting!

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