Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Just Rocky

Went to Hard Rock to have a birthday dinner with my parents. Never been to Hard Rock before but there wasn't anything special about the food there, just burgers (eww), sandwiches, meat, more meat, and different types of meat :P That place is crazy, a burger there costs RM30! 30 bucks for a freakin burger???! Now, I've seen everything!
I was so shocked to find two males in their late 50s and three teenagers ( judging from their looks) ages between 15 to 18 were drinking beer! Seriously, they let their kids drink beer?! What in the world is wrong with them?? Were the two elderly men drunk even before they started drinking or did the effects of alcohol in the long run damaged the function of their brain? Seriously, the world is becoming a twisted place, much worse than Sodom and Gomorrah?? Yes, wayyyy worse. I had to look at them in disgust, couldn't help it. Its like a picture of a disaster just waiting to happen. You know what, I'll take that back, NOW, I've seen everything!

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