Tuesday, December 23, 2008

DU COC Church Camp- Day 1

Date: 22nd-24th of December
Venue: Pine resort, Frasers Hill

The 2 hour journey up to the hill was long, winding and nauseating, and the fact that my dad drove as fast he could didn't help either. Didnt reach the Gap on time (only 5 minutes late) so we had to wait for an hour before we could drive up to the resort. While I was waiting, I saw a group of youth hanging around and they started singing some church songs that were pretty familiar to me. On the back of a dude's shirt wrote:
What are the odds :P
Was so happy to arrive at the resort, that was until I saw the lunch provided by the resort... mmm, unappetising. Took a break and then went out to play badminton. Headed to the tennis court too for the telematch hosted by the resort staff. The games that they made up were
*given 3 blocks of wood step on them without stepping on the ground and use them in a way that we can reach the finish line
* fill the bottle with water using a sponge ( how wet)
* dig out sweets from a bowl full of flour using our mouth (i was white for a day, and flour on your mouth doesn't taste good)
* two people facing each other need to carry the balloon to the finish line with their hands on their backs (my team won that challenge :))
Then had a break and played Counter Strike with my friend. I somehow had a hard time killing the terrorists, but they didn't have a hard time killing me :P Dinner was not as bad as lunch, but
I didn't eat much. Had devotion and singing, then played pictionary.

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