Friday, November 28, 2008

SPM is over!!!!!!!

Haha, i wanted to blog about this earlier but after spm, i went shopping the whole day :P But the main message that Im trying to stress here is that Im FREEEEEEEEE! I have been waiting for this wonderful day since the beginning of Form 5. And now its OVERRRR!! All in all, I think that the Bio paper was the toughest, 2nd Add Maths (dang, didn't finish on time!) I celebrated my freedom by going to BSC, it was sooooo boring! Looks totally different on the outside but almost the same on the inside, what a scam! Felt soo bored so I went to the Gardens! Didn't buy anything though, just like looking and walking in malls :)
Cant wait for my cousin to come! The best thing about the end of the year is my cousin coming to town :) She lives all the way in Melbourne so I hardly get the chance to see her. Uh, gonna have so much fun!!
Aveena!! Faster finish your Accounts already! Wanna watch a movie! Twilight?? :P

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tagged By Aveena

Write down all the happy memories and items and stuff we leave our friends. you'll get the point as you read mine ;)


Aveena:women rule, girls kick ass, not environmentally friendly, the pincher, dog lover, pudica, a bad dream, badminton duo, fish balls from the canteen, shoe taker, mimosa, add maths questions

Ayesha: man united, Cristiano Ronaldo, sing-a-long, football talk, best smile, future singer, organic cake, better in time, Dorothy from wizards of oz, nice shoes

Irina: Holland=sexland, space cake, purple LV hat , Holland accent, pork and beans, Lampard, low immunity, stole your bro's Michael Ballack card and gave it to me :)

Daniel: FGM, hung up, Liverpool, God is judge, guitarist, worm game, FLIRT, u misunderstood me, flirt pose, just "friendly"

Sue Hsien: model in training, boys boys boys, bad words, cam whorer, athlete, future Nicol David, Burger King, poking green worms, emails

Valentino: cars, under aged driving, future Donald Trump, NYC, business card

Wei Lyn: artist, birthday party, happy go lucky, classmates since primary school

Megan: under aged driving, curly hair, Angelina Jolie's lips, Mary Kate and Ashley lip gloss, Megan Jename jenama, Archie Digest, pink

Fatin: the diva, winner, stalking under aged boys, wenworth miller, banana, big eyes, jacky chan, sailor, "alvin", March 29

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I cant believe SPM is almost over! Uhhh, I have been waiting for this day for sooo long. By Thursday, I will be absolutely free from the bondage of SPM!!!! Yet its kind of a bittersweet moment.

The sweet part of this is that I will no longer have to wear school uniforms and wake up at 6.40 in the morning, I will no longer have to write loong essays in BM using peribahasas and what not and I will get to drive to college.

The bitter part of this is that I will probably lose contact with my friends that I have come to know for the past 5 years, I wont be able to play badminton or football with them during PE, I wont be able to skip class and stalk guys with Fatin, I wont be able to play cards or the coin game with the poker gang at the back of my class, I will have to start over from scratch in a new environment where strangers are my closest friends, and I will no longer get to walk to Aveena's house after school and play with Sandy.

Wow, I didn't realise this at first but there are way more bitter parts to this than the sweet. Oh great, guess I have to get used to it from now on :(

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tagged By Randall

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7 common Facts :

The Random and the Weird

1. Im a little blur sometimes. Like there was one time when I was in the Chemistry lab and my teacher was teaching somethin boring. So my friend asked me, " Are you paying attention?" I responded, " Huh, must pay ah?"
I thought she asked me whether I was going to pay her ten cents :P

2. I wanna get msn after chatting with Aveena using my cbox

3. Haha, Im a lil dumb too. Once, i called my friend up to ask him if he was coming for a party. He told me that he was in the middle of sms-ing me the answer, so I hung up :P

4. I think Mc Egg from McDonalds is the tastiest unhealthy thing i have ever had in my life.

5. I have a pet bird like chicken like peacock like turkey

6. I hate egoistic guys! If you're wrong just say you're sorry

7. I go for the chicken wings everytime :)

Just For Aveena

Now this is what I call cute! By cute I mean William Moseley not the other dude Av! :P

Its History!

Cant believe Im still blogging, but whatever. Only 5 more days of exams to sit. The worst is over, and now I can go burn my History books! Now if only I have a fireplace... I know, how patriotic of me, but these are the only words I can think of to describe and express how FREE!!!!! I feel. Also, I wont be using BM anymore, ahahahaha!
Cant believe I chose to write about my perfect future husband for my English essay paper. Ahaha, I probably wasnt thinking straight.
Graduation day was good, took loads of pictures shook hands with teachers and witnessed many people crying, even guys. I didn't cry though, okay maybe there was A TEAR in my eyes and maybe I blew my nose a little but that was it! Anyways, I better hit the books, have Add Maths on TUESday :(

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Its Never the Right Time to Say Goodbye

Unless I'm asking for trouble, this will be the last post that I would be writing in a VERY LONG time, well, till my exams finish, that is on the 27th of November. Uh, cant wait for that day.
Got a letter from HELP telling me that I got some merit scholarship. Oh joy, yet why do I feel anything but joyful? Maybe its cuz I might be missing my friends that I have gotten to know for the past 4 years (some even longer than that) as most of them will be going to Talyors. On the other hand, if I go to Talyors instead of HELP, I wont be seeing Aveena anymore. And she is one of my closest friends in school. UHHHHHHH, so hard to decide!
And of course I have no clue which of these two is the better college, so I have to do some research before I make my decision. My dad said that its a lot harder to score straight A's for A-Levels if I go to Taylors. You see, my dad thinks I'm not smart enough so he suggested that I should take the 'easier' route and go to HELP. Cow lah....
Btw, the ED Board dinner was pretty fun, took lots of pictures with friends in their Halloween costumes, performed a song with Ayesha and Daniel (although I have to say that I sucked big time, stupid mike was too soft) and cam-whored in the girl's bathroom with friends (though I normally don't do that, trust me). Yeah, those are the memories worth remembering.
Tomorrow is graduation day, and Im bringing my camera to store, keep and cherish the memories that come my way. I'm gonna miss my friends, teachers, my desk, the guys I stalk and the poker gang at the back of my class. Uh, sometimes I wish that time could stop for the unprepared soul.