Friday, November 28, 2008

SPM is over!!!!!!!

Haha, i wanted to blog about this earlier but after spm, i went shopping the whole day :P But the main message that Im trying to stress here is that Im FREEEEEEEEE! I have been waiting for this wonderful day since the beginning of Form 5. And now its OVERRRR!! All in all, I think that the Bio paper was the toughest, 2nd Add Maths (dang, didn't finish on time!) I celebrated my freedom by going to BSC, it was sooooo boring! Looks totally different on the outside but almost the same on the inside, what a scam! Felt soo bored so I went to the Gardens! Didn't buy anything though, just like looking and walking in malls :)
Cant wait for my cousin to come! The best thing about the end of the year is my cousin coming to town :) She lives all the way in Melbourne so I hardly get the chance to see her. Uh, gonna have so much fun!!
Aveena!! Faster finish your Accounts already! Wanna watch a movie! Twilight?? :P

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