Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Its Never the Right Time to Say Goodbye

Unless I'm asking for trouble, this will be the last post that I would be writing in a VERY LONG time, well, till my exams finish, that is on the 27th of November. Uh, cant wait for that day.
Got a letter from HELP telling me that I got some merit scholarship. Oh joy, yet why do I feel anything but joyful? Maybe its cuz I might be missing my friends that I have gotten to know for the past 4 years (some even longer than that) as most of them will be going to Talyors. On the other hand, if I go to Talyors instead of HELP, I wont be seeing Aveena anymore. And she is one of my closest friends in school. UHHHHHHH, so hard to decide!
And of course I have no clue which of these two is the better college, so I have to do some research before I make my decision. My dad said that its a lot harder to score straight A's for A-Levels if I go to Taylors. You see, my dad thinks I'm not smart enough so he suggested that I should take the 'easier' route and go to HELP. Cow lah....
Btw, the ED Board dinner was pretty fun, took lots of pictures with friends in their Halloween costumes, performed a song with Ayesha and Daniel (although I have to say that I sucked big time, stupid mike was too soft) and cam-whored in the girl's bathroom with friends (though I normally don't do that, trust me). Yeah, those are the memories worth remembering.
Tomorrow is graduation day, and Im bringing my camera to store, keep and cherish the memories that come my way. I'm gonna miss my friends, teachers, my desk, the guys I stalk and the poker gang at the back of my class. Uh, sometimes I wish that time could stop for the unprepared soul.

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