Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I cant believe SPM is almost over! Uhhh, I have been waiting for this day for sooo long. By Thursday, I will be absolutely free from the bondage of SPM!!!! Yet its kind of a bittersweet moment.

The sweet part of this is that I will no longer have to wear school uniforms and wake up at 6.40 in the morning, I will no longer have to write loong essays in BM using peribahasas and what not and I will get to drive to college.

The bitter part of this is that I will probably lose contact with my friends that I have come to know for the past 5 years, I wont be able to play badminton or football with them during PE, I wont be able to skip class and stalk guys with Fatin, I wont be able to play cards or the coin game with the poker gang at the back of my class, I will have to start over from scratch in a new environment where strangers are my closest friends, and I will no longer get to walk to Aveena's house after school and play with Sandy.

Wow, I didn't realise this at first but there are way more bitter parts to this than the sweet. Oh great, guess I have to get used to it from now on :(

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