Monday, May 26, 2008

When Disaster Strikes

I needed to blog about the recent earthquake in China that had an unbearable aftermath. My mum and I were watching the victims of the tragedy trapped under piles and piles of heavy concrete. They were stuck like rats in a trap. Sometimes its just the humane thing to ask why? Why must disasters like this happen? Well, on Sunday, this preacher from my church gave a very good answer from the book of Revelations. The answer: Its Gods will for this to occur. This is because He wants all of us to realise that this earth is not ours and the world is not our true abode. Our home is in heaven and the place we live now is just temporary. Whatever challenges that come our way, remember that this is the will of God. Even if it might seem hard at first, every cloud has its silver lining. May the Lord keep them safe.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wet Fake Grass

Yesterday was such a miserable day because:
1. Chelsea lost the UEFA cup cuz of some penalty kicks againts ManU. Sooo unfair! Terry slipped cuz of the dumb wet weather and those lousy fake grass! Why in the world did they have the final match at a country where grass cant be grown because it is too cold?! I blame the grass...
2. The guys at my school were teasing and mocking me cuz Chelsea lost! They were mocking me like crazy! They even clapped sarcastically at me as I made my way up the school stairs! Eh, ManU supporters, expected that out of them!
3. Heard the news that David Cook won American Idol. Hes okay but I wanted Archuleta to win cuz of the last perfomance he did that showed that he wanted the title.

Thank goodnes the exams are over and the holidays have begun. Dont get your hopes up you ManU people, Chelsea is sooo gonna win next year and Germany will win the EURO cup, enough said!