Monday, December 31, 2007

In Memory of Benjamin

Oh my, after seeing a few pictures, I knew him after all. I never talked to him, but I saw him before, at the wedding choir.
Dear Benjamin,
Though we barely knew each other, may you rest in peace with the Lord Almighty by your side. May we praise the Lord with joy together in heaven.
Love, Sue May.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Day

Oh yes, I have been waiting for the day, and it finally came. Yes ManU lost to West Ham on Saturday. Of course I wasnt watching the match, cuz I had to cheer for Chelsea who of course, won. Quite disappointed with Ballack though, he kinda sucked. I expect him to do better next week... Haha, my cousin Paul was watching it with me and he was also supporting Chelsea, thanks to me! I influence people real easily.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Lifes Not A Movie Or Is It....

Oh yeah, did everything in my checklist with my cousin Andrea. We
1. Watched Enchanted
2. Baked fudge brownies
The movie was pretty interesting though I thought it should have been funnier. I guess happy ever after endings arent for me. Im more of a to be continued kinda person and I love comedy more than anything. For example, White Chicks. Yup two male FBI agents dressing up as rich girls is a movie I would enjoy. Oh, and I didnt think that Patrick Demblah guy was cute, I think the prince looks way better.
Our brownies, haha lets just say that only real sweet tooths would enjoy it. They were VERY sweet probably because we added too much white chocolate in the brownie mix. Oh well, you cant really blame me because it was the first time I made a dessert.
Sad thing I heard today, one of the youth that attended the youth camp passed away after drowning in a pool. Thank God I wasnt there or I would have been crying like nobodys business. I almost shed a tear listening to the story so you can probably imagine how much a mess I would be if I saw the tragedy. I dont think I know the boy but I pray for him and his family. Its funny how I can take the blood and gore in a horror movie but when it comes to real life, I freak out and get all emotional. Hah, thats human emotions for you.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Its Probably Brown

Back safe at home, haha brought my cousin Andrea along with me. My balik kampung trip was pretty interesting, went up Penang Hill with my relatives. It took us about 5 hours to reach the top. Poor Paul and Brian, two of my younger cousins were lost somewhere in the forest. We had to look high and low for them! Thank goodness Brian asked a hiker who was passing by, for help or we would have been really worried!
On the eve of Christmas Eve, my family and I went to the Queensbay Mall to buy a cake for my grandmother's birthday. Let me tell you, the mall was one of the longest I've ever seen! First my dad ordered the black forest cake from Secret Recipe but then changed it to Tiramisu cuz it just looked better. And it actually tasted great too!
Plans for tomorrow,hmmm maybe my cousin and I will watch Enchanted...and bake some brownies..fudge brownies of course, not the soft ones from Secret Recipe..bluek! They have truely spoiled the good name of brownies. Hard brownies are the way to go.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Kick Ball

Im in Kulim now...stopped at Ipoh for a while to visit my grandparents before going to my other grandparents house in, you guessed it, Kulim. In Ipoh, I hung out with my cousin, who was what, 5 years old, and played 'football' with him! Haha, lets just say ball was not a football! I have to admit that my cousin was pretty good although I let him win most of the time! He would say," Eh, never eat rice is it?" to me when I kicked the ball! Man, what a cheeky dude! Haha, it runs in the family!
My cousin Andrea and her family will be arriving at the Penang Airport in the morning. Following my dad to pick her up despite me being sick and all. Just cant wait to see her!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Fat Santa

Man, I should have watched the match between Chelsea and Arseblah..cuz you know what, everytime I watch a match with Chelsea playing, they ALWAYS, I mean ALWAYS win! I watched the Manblah vs Liverwhat match hoping to give Manblah some bad luck..and it worked. But just when I took my eyes of the tv, they scored a goal!ahaaha freak!
On a happier note, my family and I are gonna 'balik kampung' to Ipoh, Kulim and Penang! Meeting my cousins in Kulim..wooh so excited ahahah..I even bought so many different kinds of chocolates for them...hmmm theres the Kinder Bueno, Peanut Butter MNMs (finally they have it here), Reese and some Santa Claus caramel filling chocolate...hhhh..sadly I have eaten half of the MNMs but I wont allow myself to be tempted by Mr Santa Claus..that fat caramel filling Santa.....
Hope my flu and cough goes away before I visit them...otherwise it would probably spoil my whole week having to blow my nose and cough like a grandma while watching Enchanted or climbing Penang far, it hasnt been improving.. God, please heal me!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Perfect 3

Okay, I have to admit that Aveena was right! I did have some fun at camp. Here's some reasons why:
1. I managed to go across this swinging log that supposed to represent my life, on my birthday! Hey it was not that easy because there were people kicking the log, trying to make me fall! It was pretty fun, the best birthday present I could ever give myself!
2. I was cheered up by the sms-es sent to my from my great friends, Aveena, Eunice, Asfarina, Sook Han, Megan and cousin Aaron!
3. I played this crazy game where by I had to spin my body 10 times before runnig to tag my team mate. I ended up bumping a trainer, and made him fall! Man am I strong!
4. Made some new friends, and some old ones at my school. Annora was one of my room mates!
5. Learnt a lot of useful stuff ..after all studying should be fun!
Im soooo excited cuz my cousin is coming to visit me from Austrailia! Too bad Im sick now..I think someone passed me a fever when I was at camp..well, thats what the doctor said! Andrea, I sooo cant wait to see you! You see, I have this mission: To introduce my cousin Andrea to my other cousin Aaron! Hope they get along well! Then we can be the Three Musketeers, or the Tree Blind Mice, which ever comes first!
Oh yeah, to everyone: thanks for the birthday comments and birthday wishes ! I was smiling while reading them! Especially yours, Sue Hsien!

Sunday, December 9, 2007


Sigh..a sad day for me tommorow because Im:
1. Going to some camp in Seremban
2. Missing my sweet sixteen because of the camp
3. Gonna have to wake up really early for the bus that is coming at 7.30
Im pretty annoyed right now but some how I dont quite show it in person..huh..wonder why... Sigh... I dont feel like writing much... save me again me!!!!!! Sorry Aveena but Im gonna text you when i feel bored..hope thats not a burden! And Sue Hsien, remember....a plain blouse...

Monday, December 3, 2007

Soluble and Unsoluble Salts

Haha, guess what I did today....I studied Chemistry! I know, you must be thinking, what kinda wacko would do such a thing on a school holiday..but to tell you the truth, I feel so much smarter after learning what salts are soluble and what salts are'nt! Hmm, here's what I have learnt today..
Sodium, Potassium, Ammonium & Nitrate - are all soluble in water
Lead chloride, Silver chloride- are not soluble in water
Lead sulphate, Barium sulphate- are not soluble in water I'm good!
My dad's new car finally arrived...sigh I'm gonna miss the spacious and hot Volvo....I'll never forget you!

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Finally, I found the perfect birthday present for my mum.. my mum and I were shoppping at Robinsons and i found this really classy top made entirely out of silk! Beautiful!!! I asked my mum to try it on and she fell in love with the blouse. Thank goodness there was a discount on that top or I had to pay two hundred bucks! I ended up paying a hundred and fifty ringgit. I know, really expensive but its only a once a year thing, so its alright!
Today, after worship, my family with a group of church members went to see a house for sale that would have the potential to be converted into a church as the building we currently worship in is way too small for our growing members. Overall, the location was good as it was right next to a park. The land of the house was pretty big so we probably could build a mini playground for the children, as suggested by one of the members. That house to me felt really homey.....quiet....perfect for our church! Lets hope everyone else feels the same!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ballack's Back!

Michael Ballack's seven month lay off finally came to an end when he returned to play for Chelsea during the match againts Birmingham City on Tuesday. Ballack almost scored a goal in the 16th minute but it hit the crossbar...awwwwwh! But he didnt play the whole 2 hours, as he was replaced by some dude....phhhh, maybe thats why Chelsea lost to Birmingham City 2-0! Thats what you get for repalcing Michael Ballack! Haha, Sue Hsien.....i guess you're wrong!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What Is Happiness?

"Happiness does not necessarily mean that you have the best of everything, but you make the best of everything that comes your way" BRIDGET MENEZES

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Im Freeeee!!!!!!!

Ok, I have to admit that today was more fun then yesterday...yes, still talking about the broadcasting course.. but out of ten, i'll give this course a 4...i'm such a tough critic! sorry, it was interesting, but not interesting enough! Today, going with a group of 54 people, we visited the National Cancer Society Malaysia. I was kinda glad that I had the oppurtunity to see what this society has to offer. I must admit that the caretakers there were very friendly and passionate about their jobs, thus creating a strong bond among the patients. To them, cancer portrays a picture of life, giving them hope to carry on no matter how bad something might become. Yet, many people think of cancer as a picture of lost hope and negative is that! Thats why, this society wants to create awareness to the younger generation so that the victims of cancer do not have to walk alone.Its too bad my group did'nt get the chance to talk to the cancer survivors as we did'nt have much time..uh, i even wrote down the questions that I wanted to ask them! Thats why, a 4 out of 10! Of course we were there for another reason and not just to visit them... we actually had to make a 2 minute film about the society! Ahhhhh!! We interviewed some people, took videos, pictures and stuff like was pretty fun but we were given a very short amount of time to do it...we were very stressed out! Thats why, again, a 4 out of 10!

Monday, November 26, 2007

TV Anchors are hot!

Today was one of the most boring days of my life! My mum signed me up for this course on broadcasting and journalism, which is not my cup of tea. Its a two day programme and today was the first day. We went to the Astro Awani (some channel on astro) studio and they showed us around. Its pretty cool being in the studio..cameras all around you, the green background and stuff like that. I noticed that the television anchors were really attractive. Wanna know why? Apparently, they want to attract elderly women into seeing their shows! Hah, how shallow is that? Yet, they seem pretty passionate about their jobs...they make a lot of money so they have nothing to complain about! At least I've learnt a few things:
1. To be a tv anchor, you must look hot (there goes my chances)
2. Make sure you have your handphone with you to entertain yourself when things get boring (sms-ing Aveena made me sane again)
I hope tomorrows activities are more interesting, or I'll die of total boredom! Save me Aveena, save me!!!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

I Cant Believe Im Posting This

I wrote this poem for the school year book (Aveena made me do it!)...but of course, it didnt get picked....oh well, maybe next year!

The strange feeling I get
like im losing my head
although your not my type,
I cant let someone have the right
am I jealous ?
am I envious ?
am I crazier than previous ?
that you might fall in to the wrong hands
and I wont have the same you again?

The strange feeling you get
when you have two choices
take one , another loss
take both ,no such course
the path in the end
might work out for you
like the poem,the road not taken
or a car going the wrong direction
heading to a dead end section
So,did you make the right selection?

Oh Joy!!

Yay, joy, Manchester United lost to Bolton 1-0!..Lets just hope that Chelsea would keep on winning n ManU wuld keep on..uhmmmm!
sigh...When is Ballack gonna get better? I wanna see him play again!

My Favourite Lines of Lyrics

"And when you slammed the front door shut,
A lot of others opened up,
So did my eyes so I could see,
That you never were the best for me" *DAUGHTRY- Over You

"You know that all my life I've been waiting,
Waiting for some, someone like you to love me
You can't come by like an angel, into my life
And then fly away, fly away" * JAMIE SCOTT- Will I See Your Face Again

Friday, November 23, 2007

Why Am I Doing This?

It is soo not like me to do this, but because of my friends, i have decided to give it a go...blogging, i mean.My English aint dont sue me for that. So,what am i feeling right now...
1. Bored- staying at home aint that fun cuz someone might keep bugging
you to study or something
2.Annoyed- cant celebrate my 16th birthday cuz of some dull camp my
parents signed me up for..its not even camping..its more like
a 'how to study better' kind of camp..wohoooo
Sandra told me that SPM was really its probably a good thing that I'm spending my holidays studying..Sejarah...
I miss Form 3!!!!!!!!! if only i had a time machine...sigh