Sunday, December 9, 2007


Sigh..a sad day for me tommorow because Im:
1. Going to some camp in Seremban
2. Missing my sweet sixteen because of the camp
3. Gonna have to wake up really early for the bus that is coming at 7.30
Im pretty annoyed right now but some how I dont quite show it in person..huh..wonder why... Sigh... I dont feel like writing much... save me again me!!!!!! Sorry Aveena but Im gonna text you when i feel bored..hope thats not a burden! And Sue Hsien, remember....a plain blouse...

1 comment:

aveena said...

hayo!! drama queen la you.. i bet your camp will be great!! mine was, and i missed my sweet 16 for it=) and message me, or i'll die of boredom!! =)