Friday, December 28, 2007

Lifes Not A Movie Or Is It....

Oh yeah, did everything in my checklist with my cousin Andrea. We
1. Watched Enchanted
2. Baked fudge brownies
The movie was pretty interesting though I thought it should have been funnier. I guess happy ever after endings arent for me. Im more of a to be continued kinda person and I love comedy more than anything. For example, White Chicks. Yup two male FBI agents dressing up as rich girls is a movie I would enjoy. Oh, and I didnt think that Patrick Demblah guy was cute, I think the prince looks way better.
Our brownies, haha lets just say that only real sweet tooths would enjoy it. They were VERY sweet probably because we added too much white chocolate in the brownie mix. Oh well, you cant really blame me because it was the first time I made a dessert.
Sad thing I heard today, one of the youth that attended the youth camp passed away after drowning in a pool. Thank God I wasnt there or I would have been crying like nobodys business. I almost shed a tear listening to the story so you can probably imagine how much a mess I would be if I saw the tragedy. I dont think I know the boy but I pray for him and his family. Its funny how I can take the blood and gore in a horror movie but when it comes to real life, I freak out and get all emotional. Hah, thats human emotions for you.

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