Sunday, December 16, 2007

Perfect 3

Okay, I have to admit that Aveena was right! I did have some fun at camp. Here's some reasons why:
1. I managed to go across this swinging log that supposed to represent my life, on my birthday! Hey it was not that easy because there were people kicking the log, trying to make me fall! It was pretty fun, the best birthday present I could ever give myself!
2. I was cheered up by the sms-es sent to my from my great friends, Aveena, Eunice, Asfarina, Sook Han, Megan and cousin Aaron!
3. I played this crazy game where by I had to spin my body 10 times before runnig to tag my team mate. I ended up bumping a trainer, and made him fall! Man am I strong!
4. Made some new friends, and some old ones at my school. Annora was one of my room mates!
5. Learnt a lot of useful stuff ..after all studying should be fun!
Im soooo excited cuz my cousin is coming to visit me from Austrailia! Too bad Im sick now..I think someone passed me a fever when I was at camp..well, thats what the doctor said! Andrea, I sooo cant wait to see you! You see, I have this mission: To introduce my cousin Andrea to my other cousin Aaron! Hope they get along well! Then we can be the Three Musketeers, or the Tree Blind Mice, which ever comes first!
Oh yeah, to everyone: thanks for the birthday comments and birthday wishes ! I was smiling while reading them! Especially yours, Sue Hsien!


Anonymous said...

yay! i'm glad u liked mine. see,i'm thinking of u even when i'm so far i away. hehe. and don't worry,the word plain blouse is stuck in my head. only,i haven't gotten round to camwhore-ing much. haha

aveena said...

when have i ever been wrong?=)