Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Its Probably Brown

Back safe at home, haha brought my cousin Andrea along with me. My balik kampung trip was pretty interesting, went up Penang Hill with my relatives. It took us about 5 hours to reach the top. Poor Paul and Brian, two of my younger cousins were lost somewhere in the forest. We had to look high and low for them! Thank goodness Brian asked a hiker who was passing by, for help or we would have been really worried!
On the eve of Christmas Eve, my family and I went to the Queensbay Mall to buy a cake for my grandmother's birthday. Let me tell you, the mall was one of the longest I've ever seen! First my dad ordered the black forest cake from Secret Recipe but then changed it to Tiramisu cuz it just looked better. And it actually tasted great too!
Plans for tomorrow,hmmm maybe my cousin and I will watch Enchanted...and bake some brownies..fudge brownies of course, not the soft ones from Secret Recipe..bluek! They have truely spoiled the good name of brownies. Hard brownies are the way to go.

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