Thursday, December 20, 2007

Kick Ball

Im in Kulim now...stopped at Ipoh for a while to visit my grandparents before going to my other grandparents house in, you guessed it, Kulim. In Ipoh, I hung out with my cousin, who was what, 5 years old, and played 'football' with him! Haha, lets just say ball was not a football! I have to admit that my cousin was pretty good although I let him win most of the time! He would say," Eh, never eat rice is it?" to me when I kicked the ball! Man, what a cheeky dude! Haha, it runs in the family!
My cousin Andrea and her family will be arriving at the Penang Airport in the morning. Following my dad to pick her up despite me being sick and all. Just cant wait to see her!

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