Sunday, December 2, 2007


Finally, I found the perfect birthday present for my mum.. my mum and I were shoppping at Robinsons and i found this really classy top made entirely out of silk! Beautiful!!! I asked my mum to try it on and she fell in love with the blouse. Thank goodness there was a discount on that top or I had to pay two hundred bucks! I ended up paying a hundred and fifty ringgit. I know, really expensive but its only a once a year thing, so its alright!
Today, after worship, my family with a group of church members went to see a house for sale that would have the potential to be converted into a church as the building we currently worship in is way too small for our growing members. Overall, the location was good as it was right next to a park. The land of the house was pretty big so we probably could build a mini playground for the children, as suggested by one of the members. That house to me felt really homey.....quiet....perfect for our church! Lets hope everyone else feels the same!

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