Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I seem to have forgotten about my blog :P With so many things happening in my life, I just cant find the time to write them all..Can't even find time to write ONE event in my life, until today :P My cousins from Aussie came down recently and I SOOO ENJOYED THEIR PRESENCEEE!!! It was like a dose of sanity in a schizophrenic world.. But they could only stay for 5 days, and half the time, I had to stay at home to study for my exams.. unable to go shopping with them.. Sad wei...sad... :(
And I had an interview recently from the university of my dreamssss!!! The interview was.....AIsudhsafkasdjldkfjsdkbfrkjbwelkjr
Some parts were good, while other parts were pure awkward..and I said 'lah' twice =X I didn't intend to say it, but I'm Malaysian..what can I do??
I think that's all I'm gonna blog about..have to resume studying physics =S Shall blog more after exams :)