Monday, August 31, 2009

I Will Miss You Oh Holidays!

So my 3 weeks of holidays are practically over. Have to embrace the fact that Im going to be concentrating more on my studies, and less on the computer and the tv... ahrgh, i feel disgusted just writing that. Sadly, we are not put here on earth to have a gala time.

So its my country's Independence day today. Celebrated irrelevantly by going to a church restoration seminar at Subang.
Its been a loooong time since I have seen my childhood friends. Some grew taller than me making me feel like a dwarf :P (cough eunice cough!) Talking to her made me nostalgic about the old days where we ate together, saw each other frequently and shared stories... :) sigghh, sometimes I wish I could go back in time and make it stay that way.
Sadly I didn't get to catch up with the others. I guess both parties were shy :P

My holidays were pretty much boring. Didn't watch any movies, didn't walk at malls. It was all about visits to the dentist, doing internships and all that. It was pretty interesting though, applying pain on people for their own good, kinda like a stress releaser :D But the downside of it was that I was standing there like a piece of wood for 3 bloody about leg cramp. To top that off, I had to see the looks of the patients' faces when I was standing there observing. Those 'what a freak' expressions on their faces were classic :D

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Av!!!

Happy Birthday Aveena!! :D
Went out to Midvalley with Av on her birthday to watch a movie and have lunch.
I let her decide the movie we would be watching since it was her birthday, and that clearly was a mistake :P
We decided on Dance Flick.

I thought this movie was about REAL dancing, REAL moves, and a believable story line. Sadly, I was sooooo wrong!
It was so terrible, horrible, mortifying, disgusting and sick that I wanted to wash my eyes off with antibacterial soap. Those of you who think of watching it, think again..its so not worth the RM10. Next time Av, I'll chose the movie :D hehe
Then I had lunch with her n her sis. Your sis is cool la Av, she can be a really good stand up comedian :)

Had my piano exam.

Got my A Levels results.
The expression: Shocked and ecstatic :D

The excuse to my mum who will probably read this:
Well, at least I'm good at something and bad at another cuz life is all about balance. In conclusion, I'm a balanced individual, having the ability to fail and score in this road called life :P

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So far, enjoying my holidays to the max, NOTTT!
I have soo much to do:
1. Piano exam
2. Write my personal statement
3. Sit for ukcat n ielts, and get a good grade
4. Look forward to the results for my 1st Sem, August 20
What a fun holiday.... :(
On Tuesday, I decided to forget momentarily about all the work load and went to have a fun time with my friends. Took an lrt n monorail to Times Square to watch GiJoe. You must be thinking, "you went to Times Square just to watch a movie??? Siaooo"
Well, at that moment, we felt adventurous, that's all I can say :P
Times Square...WOAHH, it was huge, more than 5 storeys of shop lots, most of them empty, I'm not surprised. I felt so disorientated when I was there, couldn't tell where the ground floor was, it was like a never ending maze of shop lots.
But the movie, I have to say was AWESOME. The effects, the stunts, totally hardcore. 100 times better than Transformers.

I also wasted my time, going to youtube, watching hilarious videos of kevjumba and nigahiga. Man they are funny, but kevjumba is the best. He knows how to be serious yet funny at the same time. You can say he's seriously funny :P He also acknowledges the existence of Ballack!
Well, not really, but at least he knows who Ballack is :D

But hes an Arsenal fan.. :/ Oh well, I'm ready to compromise :P

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

When Words Mean Nothing


sighhhh, just had to blurt that out..
Been keeping this inside me for the past week, and just blurting out words that don't make sense at all seems to be one of the only ways to relax my mind.


'computer shuts down'

shoot!! pressed the wrong button :S
As I was saying.....hmm, not sure what I was saying or planning to say to be honest..
Oh well, it will come to me any moment now.. (just have the urge press the keyboard)

Oh yeaaa,
My friend brought his PSP to college, and honestly I have never ever touched one before. It was MAGICCC. It was like finding a long lost friend, sighhh. I played Silent Hill, this horrific, thrilling game with zombies and mutated cows running around.

My aim: Banish them all, hehehe

Ok.,ok, I know I should not be so violent, stabbing zombies with wrenches and steel pipes :S But I have to improve on my manual dexterity if I wanna be a good dentist :D
Ok that's just an excuse... But a valid one, hehe

Heyyy, no wonder I have the urge to press buttons and keys :P
Better head to the piano before I lose interest!