Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So far, enjoying my holidays to the max, NOTTT!
I have soo much to do:
1. Piano exam
2. Write my personal statement
3. Sit for ukcat n ielts, and get a good grade
4. Look forward to the results for my 1st Sem, August 20
What a fun holiday.... :(
On Tuesday, I decided to forget momentarily about all the work load and went to have a fun time with my friends. Took an lrt n monorail to Times Square to watch GiJoe. You must be thinking, "you went to Times Square just to watch a movie??? Siaooo"
Well, at that moment, we felt adventurous, that's all I can say :P
Times Square...WOAHH, it was huge, more than 5 storeys of shop lots, most of them empty, I'm not surprised. I felt so disorientated when I was there, couldn't tell where the ground floor was, it was like a never ending maze of shop lots.
But the movie, I have to say was AWESOME. The effects, the stunts, totally hardcore. 100 times better than Transformers.

I also wasted my time, going to youtube, watching hilarious videos of kevjumba and nigahiga. Man they are funny, but kevjumba is the best. He knows how to be serious yet funny at the same time. You can say he's seriously funny :P He also acknowledges the existence of Ballack!
Well, not really, but at least he knows who Ballack is :D

But hes an Arsenal fan.. :/ Oh well, I'm ready to compromise :P

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scribblelyn said...

0.o i thought Transformers was better than G.I.Joe lol.. guess it depends on the person xD both action-packed! explosions n all hahah