Monday, August 31, 2009

I Will Miss You Oh Holidays!

So my 3 weeks of holidays are practically over. Have to embrace the fact that Im going to be concentrating more on my studies, and less on the computer and the tv... ahrgh, i feel disgusted just writing that. Sadly, we are not put here on earth to have a gala time.

So its my country's Independence day today. Celebrated irrelevantly by going to a church restoration seminar at Subang.
Its been a loooong time since I have seen my childhood friends. Some grew taller than me making me feel like a dwarf :P (cough eunice cough!) Talking to her made me nostalgic about the old days where we ate together, saw each other frequently and shared stories... :) sigghh, sometimes I wish I could go back in time and make it stay that way.
Sadly I didn't get to catch up with the others. I guess both parties were shy :P

My holidays were pretty much boring. Didn't watch any movies, didn't walk at malls. It was all about visits to the dentist, doing internships and all that. It was pretty interesting though, applying pain on people for their own good, kinda like a stress releaser :D But the downside of it was that I was standing there like a piece of wood for 3 bloody about leg cramp. To top that off, I had to see the looks of the patients' faces when I was standing there observing. Those 'what a freak' expressions on their faces were classic :D

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