Wednesday, August 5, 2009

When Words Mean Nothing


sighhhh, just had to blurt that out..
Been keeping this inside me for the past week, and just blurting out words that don't make sense at all seems to be one of the only ways to relax my mind.


'computer shuts down'

shoot!! pressed the wrong button :S
As I was saying.....hmm, not sure what I was saying or planning to say to be honest..
Oh well, it will come to me any moment now.. (just have the urge press the keyboard)

Oh yeaaa,
My friend brought his PSP to college, and honestly I have never ever touched one before. It was MAGICCC. It was like finding a long lost friend, sighhh. I played Silent Hill, this horrific, thrilling game with zombies and mutated cows running around.

My aim: Banish them all, hehehe

Ok.,ok, I know I should not be so violent, stabbing zombies with wrenches and steel pipes :S But I have to improve on my manual dexterity if I wanna be a good dentist :D
Ok that's just an excuse... But a valid one, hehe

Heyyy, no wonder I have the urge to press buttons and keys :P
Better head to the piano before I lose interest!

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