Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I am Thankful for :

Having such a supportive, loving and amazing bunch of church buddies!!!!!

Ahhhhhhhhh, without them I think my life would be a train wreck, filled with sadness, anger, boredom you name it, I'll probably feel it.

Had an absolutely annoying, painful and sick weekend, fever, cold, cough you name it, I have it.

But when Sunday came, it was like at that moment, all the pain seemed to disappear. No, not literally, I just didn't feel sick when my church friends were around. They are like a breath of fresh air, a jump start caffeine shot, before having to face the world again.

And just today, after being disgusted by something a college mate said, I want my full shot of caffiene and a huge dose vitamin C right now! It still hasn't sank into my head what a ungodly world I live in, where people my age say and do things they aren't supposed to.

Its killing meeee, I didn't know that there are such people around. I thought it was only in shows and movies. I'm such a naive fool.

Thats why I am thankful to have church buddies that I get to meet and look forward to every Fridays and Sundays. Not forgetting the church buddies who chat with me on msn, you guys really make my day :)

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