Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sleep to Dream a Never Ending Scene

I have been having weird dreams for the past 2 days. Dreams that seem continuous, like a never ending story.
Dreams about wedding bells, grandparents, and me being trapped in a computer game, seem to have a connection to my reality.

Wedding bells
the dream: my grandparents were preparing to attend their relative's wedding
the reality: my parents and I are invited to a friend's wedding

the dream:
Seeing my maternal grandparents getting ready for a wedding and my paternal grandparents driving a huge four wheel drive to help me escape from an evil dog napper
the reality:
was talking to my friend about me seeing his grandparents,
been admiring four wheel drives at college,
and i went to a pet shop yesterday

Being trapped in a game:
the dream:
trapped in a game where i was suppose to escape from an evil dog napper, i think was a dog in my dream, or else why would I want to escape from a dog napper?! But I think I eventually turned into a human being cuz I was conversing with my grandmother who was driving a four wheel drive :P
the reality:
been playing a game called Guitar Heroes on my friend's phone, soo addicted
went to a pet shop, looking at dogs, saw a very cute golden retriever :)
watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, that should explain the magic behind me turning into a dog, then back to a human.

Though some of my dreams kinda creep me out, its nice to have these little movies playing in my head while I'm sleeping. Keeps me entertained without having to lift my eye lids :D

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