Sunday, July 5, 2009

Last Day of Rest

Cant believe the one month holidays is ending tomorrow! It didn't even feel like a month more like 3 weeks! :P Ahhh, I want another month off sooo bad, haven't gotten the chance to do the stuff on my check list like learn how to drive, and watch last house on the left...
Went to Penang and Kulim for 5 days and I can assure you that I had gained weight just by eating in Penang for a day. After church on Sunday, we went to eat asam laksa at Balik Pulau, probably the best asam laksa there is in the whole universe, then off to an orchard and my dad ordered 10 durians plus mangosteens (and no, a family of 3 wont eat 10 durians all by themselves, we needed help from my cousin, uncle n grandparents :P) then it was off to the beach to eat mee udang rebus...5 huge prawns in one plate, RM25......siao....Oh and did I mention that this was all for lunch?!?!?
Then the week after that we went to Malacca for a day trip and ate chicken rice balls...chicken rice wont taste this good if it didn't come in ball form :P then went around the town looking at antiques and visiting the cheng ho museum as well as an art gallery. Had tons of fun, didn't know Malaysia was that interesting..
And now, as I'm writing this, today will be the last day of my holidays...sobbbb! Its back to learning about things we don't apply in our daily life again! Joy....

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