Monday, December 3, 2007

Soluble and Unsoluble Salts

Haha, guess what I did today....I studied Chemistry! I know, you must be thinking, what kinda wacko would do such a thing on a school holiday..but to tell you the truth, I feel so much smarter after learning what salts are soluble and what salts are'nt! Hmm, here's what I have learnt today..
Sodium, Potassium, Ammonium & Nitrate - are all soluble in water
Lead chloride, Silver chloride- are not soluble in water
Lead sulphate, Barium sulphate- are not soluble in water I'm good!
My dad's new car finally arrived...sigh I'm gonna miss the spacious and hot Volvo....I'll never forget you!

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aveena said...

thanx for the chem lesson. sigh... i hate you already.=)