Monday, November 26, 2007

TV Anchors are hot!

Today was one of the most boring days of my life! My mum signed me up for this course on broadcasting and journalism, which is not my cup of tea. Its a two day programme and today was the first day. We went to the Astro Awani (some channel on astro) studio and they showed us around. Its pretty cool being in the studio..cameras all around you, the green background and stuff like that. I noticed that the television anchors were really attractive. Wanna know why? Apparently, they want to attract elderly women into seeing their shows! Hah, how shallow is that? Yet, they seem pretty passionate about their jobs...they make a lot of money so they have nothing to complain about! At least I've learnt a few things:
1. To be a tv anchor, you must look hot (there goes my chances)
2. Make sure you have your handphone with you to entertain yourself when things get boring (sms-ing Aveena made me sane again)
I hope tomorrows activities are more interesting, or I'll die of total boredom! Save me Aveena, save me!!!!!

1 comment:

aveena said...

hey! i thought you said got no hot guys!=)glad to be of service=p