Saturday, November 24, 2007

I Cant Believe Im Posting This

I wrote this poem for the school year book (Aveena made me do it!)...but of course, it didnt get picked....oh well, maybe next year!

The strange feeling I get
like im losing my head
although your not my type,
I cant let someone have the right
am I jealous ?
am I envious ?
am I crazier than previous ?
that you might fall in to the wrong hands
and I wont have the same you again?

The strange feeling you get
when you have two choices
take one , another loss
take both ,no such course
the path in the end
might work out for you
like the poem,the road not taken
or a car going the wrong direction
heading to a dead end section
So,did you make the right selection?


aveena said...

hey!!it's a really good poem la! good thing i made you write it. now everyone can know bout your hidden talent=)

Anonymous said...

i know who u wrote it for!!!!