Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Im Freeeee!!!!!!!

Ok, I have to admit that today was more fun then yesterday...yes, still talking about the broadcasting course.. but out of ten, i'll give this course a 4...i'm such a tough critic! sorry, it was interesting, but not interesting enough! Today, going with a group of 54 people, we visited the National Cancer Society Malaysia. I was kinda glad that I had the oppurtunity to see what this society has to offer. I must admit that the caretakers there were very friendly and passionate about their jobs, thus creating a strong bond among the patients. To them, cancer portrays a picture of life, giving them hope to carry on no matter how bad something might become. Yet, many people think of cancer as a picture of lost hope and death....how negative is that! Thats why, this society wants to create awareness to the younger generation so that the victims of cancer do not have to walk alone.Its too bad my group did'nt get the chance to talk to the cancer survivors as we did'nt have much time..uh, i even wrote down the questions that I wanted to ask them! Thats why, a 4 out of 10! Of course we were there for another reason and not just to visit them... we actually had to make a 2 minute film about the society! Ahhhhh!! We interviewed some people, took videos, pictures and stuff like that..it was pretty fun but we were given a very short amount of time to do it...we were very stressed out! Thats why, again, a 4 out of 10!

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