Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tagged By Aveena

Write down all the happy memories and items and stuff we leave our friends. you'll get the point as you read mine ;)


Aveena:women rule, girls kick ass, not environmentally friendly, the pincher, dog lover, pudica, a bad dream, badminton duo, fish balls from the canteen, shoe taker, mimosa, add maths questions

Ayesha: man united, Cristiano Ronaldo, sing-a-long, football talk, best smile, future singer, organic cake, better in time, Dorothy from wizards of oz, nice shoes

Irina: Holland=sexland, space cake, purple LV hat , Holland accent, pork and beans, Lampard, low immunity, stole your bro's Michael Ballack card and gave it to me :)

Daniel: FGM, hung up, Liverpool, God is judge, guitarist, worm game, FLIRT, u misunderstood me, flirt pose, just "friendly"

Sue Hsien: model in training, boys boys boys, bad words, cam whorer, athlete, future Nicol David, Burger King, poking green worms, emails

Valentino: cars, under aged driving, future Donald Trump, NYC, business card

Wei Lyn: artist, birthday party, happy go lucky, classmates since primary school

Megan: under aged driving, curly hair, Angelina Jolie's lips, Mary Kate and Ashley lip gloss, Megan Jename jenama, Archie Digest, pink

Fatin: the diva, winner, stalking under aged boys, wenworth miller, banana, big eyes, jacky chan, sailor, "alvin", March 29

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