Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Feeling Blue

Argh! I hate Liverpool! Cant believe Chelsea lost to them! This was the 1st EPL match I had watched this year and they HAD to lose. To top that off, Im feeling sick for the past two days probably due to food poisoning and SPM is just two weeks away!
Ayesha and I are supposed to perform for ED Board dinner and we're singing Bottle It Up by Sara Bareilles. We havent practice the song with the guitarist and Im kinda freakin out cuz I have never sang on stage before. Man, I'll probably choke on stage but not to worry, Ayesha is a professional.
I have been borrowing DVDs from Aveena and I recently watched 'The Other Boyeln Girl'. The movie is pertty good but the king is such an evil, obsessed-in-getting-a-male-heir sex addict. And to think that this person once existed in this world and used the name of God to justify his acts, is just appalling. I have read about king Edward the 8th before and he was much worse than he is in the movie.
Oh well, at least he got what he deserved in the end, a female heir to the throne. ( his only son died at 15, boo hoo!)

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