Friday, October 3, 2008

A Short Breeze..

Man does the holidays pass by like a breeze. It didnt feel like a holiday to me since I was basically studying my head off everyday. And its not like I volunteered to do so, my dad was pestering me frequently and it got on my nerves. So I gave in. Oh no, here he comes...

(2 minutes later)

How predictable... He told me that I wasnt studying...Wrong place and wrong time dad!
I was supposed to go 'balik kampung' but because SPM is around the corner, I decided that I'd better not go. I was kinda sad, really wanted to see my grandma. So I called her to tell her the news and she said that its okay, and of course reminding me to study hard. So I am, just for grandma :)

I did get to see Mamma Mia though, and it was pretty good. Frankly, I dont mind watching it again, Just have a thing for musicals. I was humming Abba songs for the next two days because of that movie. I was so surprised that Pierce Brosnan was able to sing..well, for an actor. He sounded Hispanic when he was singing though. During the movie, my dad was singing along to the songs and it was soooo embarrassing.... and annoying :P Hes kinda tone deaf so you could hear the wrong notes he was singing. I felt kinda sorry for the poor girl who was sitting next to him :P

Dancing queen young and sweet only seventeen.......

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