Sunday, October 12, 2008

Boredom Strikes

Sigh....... So bored, nothing to do but study.....a month more to 8 days of hell! And yup, I'm not at school because its even more boring there, well not really, I would probably be playing cards in front of my teacher again. I just cant study in school, too noisy and too many temptations keeping me away from my books. So I have decided to play truant as long as I can so that I wont feel so guilty for not studying in school.
So I've got some of my trial marks, and so far so good. The marks that I'm most proud of is Add Maths. I got a 78, an A1 for Add Maths! That I did not expect. This is the highest I have ever gotten for the subject in Form 5 and I thought that this paper was the hardest Add Maths paper I have ever set for in my entire life! So happy :) but I'm sure that my History, Physics and Chemistry marks would dampen my spirit. I'll just have to wait and see....
My astro decoder is busted so I cant watch anything except DVDs. Currently watching the Lord of The Rings, and yes I have never watched not even one of the three movies made until two weeks ago. How 'ketinggalan zaman' of me. Just don't fancy those type of movies but I have to admit that the trilogy is pretty good. Uh, Elijah Wood has such piercing blue eyes. He look pretty cute in the movie but not so in reality :P

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