Monday, December 1, 2008


To celebrate the end of SPM, my friends and I went to play futsal at Bangsar. The scorching hot sun beamed onto our sun block protected skin. Our competitive spirit against the opponent ignited like the flames of fury from the sun.
Haha, how dramatic, but the sun was really scorching hot. Seven people were divided into two teams, my team had one teammate more that the opponent's team. How fair:) Half time, our team were leading 3-2 all thanks to goals from Sook Han and Kavita. I helped by passing the ball to them, cuz I am so not a scorer. I cant score a goal to save my life.
Had loads of fun even though we didn't really make full use of the time given to us to rent the court. Too tired, too hot, not used to playing futsal outdoors ;) Went to my friend's house to find shelter from the sun and played a PS2 game called Guitar Heroes (sounds somethin like that, cant remember) Sook Han and I were playing against Asfarina's brother. And even that, he still managed to beat us. I guess two heads aren't always better than one!

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