Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Feeling that Something is Missing

In Kulim now visiting my grandparents. Went to Penang yesterday for church and then for asam laksa at Balik Pulau. Their laksa is like the best in the whole wide universe, so authentic, so heaven sent. Had two bowls of it cuz the serving is kinda small :P I can never get tired of eating that RM2.5o bowl of noodles to die for. I just love going to Penang cuz somehow being on a small island where the wind blows on the palm trees cuz of a phenomenon called sea breeze (physics is still stuck in my head :P)makes the world seem more peaceful and tranquil. There isn't any Astro at my parents house so I'm dead bored. Tried to sms friends to get rid of my boredom but they failed me miserably :P Cant wait to go home and learn how to drive. I'm not really excited like most people, I see it as more of a phase that i have to go through. Man I'm bored.........i really cant live without TV!

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