Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A New Year

Well, looks like 2009 has started with a bang, by bang, I mean the fireworks that exploded with indescribable colours of brilliance.. okay forget the sentiment now, I am so freakishly sad, depressed and sleepy. After all the hard work and the countless amount of challenges that I have faced since 2008, its like i have to start all over again, another year, another 365 days of labour and strive. If only 2009 wouldn't come, if only December consisted of 50 days, if only if only.
As I gazed up to the sky, looking at the fireworks that displayed such happiness and optimism, I felt nothing. The wonderful display was a contrast as to what i felt deep inside me.
Another day of toil
Another day of suffering
Another day of loneliness
Another day of struggle
Another day of anger
Another day of sadness
Another day of misery
Yet, I should be thankful for another day that God has provided for me,
Another day of happiness
Another day of joy
Another day of thankfulness
Another day of prayer
Another day of hope
Another day of redemption
Another day to love
Hopefully, 2009 will bring me more joy instead of sorrow, to everyone who reads my blog, may you all have a blessed year ahead :)

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