Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Chelsea vs Malaysia

The night's air was still and humid at Stadium Shah Alam. Yet, not even the weather could stop the fans from cheering themselves silly. I arrived at the match a little late due to traffic. As many as 60000 football fans, congregated at the stadium witnessing the once in a lifetime match, and I am proud to say that I was one of them. I was really surprised cuz it turns out that the Malaysian team was not so bad after all. The goalkeeper, Helmi was fast and accurate in saving the ball. Although I was there to support Chelsea, I cheered for the Malaysian team too as the patriotic side in me was ignited by the supporters around me. I got to see Lampard, Ashley Cole and Terry probably about 40 feet away from where I was sitting. Thank goodness for the big screen tv that magnified their hot faces! I was pretty disappointed as Ballack didnt even play for a second during the match. He looked like he was ready to go on the pitch as he was warming up with Shevchenko. Shevchenko played and Ballack did not. Dang! Ballack looked sooo hot on the big screen tv that most of the female Chelsea supporters shouted his name, me included. There were four German guys holding German flags and signs written in their mother tongue. I think they wanted to see Ballack in action too cuz Balllack's name was written on those signs. They sang some song hoping to get his attention. Sadly, they did not succeed. There were plenty of cute Caucasian and Chinese guys near where I was sitting. But no guy can compete with the tall, fair and handsome Michael Ballack. A standing ovation was given to the Chelsea and Malaysian team for the exciting match. I really enjoyed the game despite the fact that I didnt get to see Ballack doing his thing. Im crossing my fingers hoping that Chelsea will make a second trip to Malaysia in the near future!

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