Thursday, July 24, 2008

Green Worms, Symbol of Curiosity

This year has been a touch and go for me. The saying that time flies when you are having fun is not true. I am so not having fun and yet time still flies. The thought of going to college just worries me because all of my senior friends agreed that the Form 5 years were the best. I beg to differ, I think Form 5 is the worst year of all my secondary school years. If I'm not having the time of my life now, just imagine what I'm gonna experience later. I miss those Form 3 years where everyone studied hard and had fun as well. I miss being a kid, running around the corridor stalking guys. I miss the friends I was close to, namely Megan and lots others. It was like the perfect class and everyone got along well. Form 5 is the opposite of this. I abhor my class as it is lifeless and the people there are so indifferent. Looking at my friend's post on his Form 5 years where he and his classmates were having fun raping each other and locking up their friends in a miniature prison made me think of the good times I used to had with my once close friends. I had to experience 7 friends saying their goodbyes as they went to study overseas. And I miss everyone of them! These were some of the highlights of my Form 3 years:
1. Going out to the movies with Megan, Aveena and Nazran. We felt a little awkward as he was the only dude!
2. Stalking a few guys with my entourage. My identity was revealed thanks to them!
3. There was a bug's nest at the corridor of our class. My friend, Sue Hsien poked it with a stick and green worms came out from it:S
4. Composing a fake love letter to George with my friends. The letter was anonymous and he actually believed it!
5. Singing 'Choo Pencil' with Ming Yu which was a remake of the song, Addicted by Simple Plan. It was part of our English play.
6. Ming Yu with his magic tricks being all David Blaine.
7. The football crazy times with the FIFA World Cup. Told everyone I knew that Ballack was hot. And he still is!
8. Geography. Miss the subject and the teacher that taught me, Pn Khoo!
9. The times when I was not talking to Sham because he said he loved me. He was just being sarcastic of course. And that was annoying.
10. And of course, not to forget, getting the highest in class for History! hehe, oh
and the straight A's for PMR!
I need an anti-depressant pill now, tomorrow and until I'm done with SPM.

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