Monday, July 7, 2008

A Day with 5 Girls & a Guy

My ex classmate, currently living in Aussie came back to Malaysia for the holidays. So we planned to go to lunch together with a few of her closest friends. We invited a few girls and guys but in the end, only 5 girls and a guy turned up. Felt bad for the dude though, having to stand six girls looking at guys as they pass through the Burger King drive-thru. Its not our fault, its just so happen that we sat next to the glass wall near the drive-thru counter! And some of the dudes were pretty cute, and no one should ignore that! Sigh, some guys just dont understand....For the guy's reputation sake, I shall not disclose his identity! It was the first burger I had eaten in 6 months. I know, wierd, but I dont find burgers that great. Besides, do you know how much saturated fats are there in a burger? I didnt even order a cup of Coke cuz who knows what its gonna do to my health. And Im not over reacting, there are plenty of experiments proving that carbonated drinks are unhealthy. Next, we went to my friends house and took some pictures. All in all, it was definitely a fun day and I bet that that guy enjoyed it too!
Oh yeah, so phyched that Im gonna watch Chelsea live in front of my very own eyes. Bought the tickets on Sunday. There's a picture of Ballack's face on the ticket.. sigh, sooo hot! And so what if Germany got 2nd? At least they made it to the finals! :P

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