Friday, June 27, 2008

Grade 8

Ahh, sat for my piano exam yesterday...oh I hope I pass this time as Im beginning to abhor playing the same songs day and night for the past 2 years! All in all, I played satisfactory, definitely better than last year. FYI: I failed last year. Sadly, I practically killed my sight reading test. My heart was beating so fast that it showed when I was playing my 1st song. I probably played it as fast as the speed of light. Dang! I dont want to go through this torture again and again, so Mr Examiner, please pass me!
At least I dont have to worry about piano for awhile therefore I can start concentrating on my studies. A sigh of relief there. So happy that Germany made it to the finals. Michael Ballack is such a hot and great captain. Some people just dont have good taste in guys!
Having another exam next week, and I havent been studying diligently so I better get to it now. Hope Germany wins the Euros, hope I pass my Grade 8 exam, hope I get an A1 for Add Maths, hope I sleep well tonight!

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