Thursday, June 5, 2008

One and a Half Bowls and Counting

I cant believe the school holidays are almost over! I had the time of my life, finally got to sleep and wake up late. Woooh, thats what I call the time of my life...sad isnt it?
Anyways, missed the extra classes at school cuz I was on holiday visiting my grandparents both maternal and paternal ( blessed I am) at Ipoh and Kulim. Went to Penang too to visit my relatives who call the island their abode. Although I missed the mee udang that a local used to sell at Kulim, I found the next best thing, authentic asam laksa at Penang. We had to drive up and down hills for about 2o minutes before we could savour the bowl of noodles to die for. But it, thank goodness was all worth it! Dang, it is the best asam laksa Ive ever tasted, had one and a half bowls of it. We also visited a Penang heritage, a place called Khoo Kongsi. It had rows of beautiful shop houses that the Khoo family, who were immigrants from China lived loooong time ago. There were also a huge extravagant temple with carvings all over the place, including the ceiling, and a opera house with lion figures glued with colourful porcelain pieces on the arches of the roof. Man, those were simply amazing, proves how jobless yet creative people were during the olden times. All these modern gadgets and what not are garbage compared to the creativity people had during those days. Yet, I still cant live without them! Im glad that this piece of history is preserved and kept for younger people like me to witness and marvel. Looking at how the Khoo family lived which was in a peaceful and neighbourly environment makes me kinda jealous cuz we are definitely lacking a lot of that now. Man, I dont even know the neighbours living next to me. Kinda wish I could experience that... Wonder how it feels like..

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