Friday, August 15, 2008

2 Strikes of Bad Luck

Turns out that life isnt going the way I had planned. Cuz
1. I got picked for National Service. Stuck in the wilderness for 3 months with no tv, not good. I had planned to get out of Malaysia as soon as im done with my A-Levels. Looks like I have to wait for a few months to start college.
2. I failed my Grade 8 piano again. I dont know whats wrong with the examiner. All the accusations he made about my pieces, dont even remember making those mistakes. Now I have to start all over with new pieces as the songs that I am playing now would not be valid next year..
At least I get to enjoy the futsal match my church is organising on Sunday. May that put my soul at ease! My dad is practically travelling the world right now. Going to Spain, Portugal and London, without me! Hope he gets me something therapeutic to cure my broken spirit! And to those who have not listen to David Archuleta's new song, Crush, I suggest you listen to it immediately! This song is definitely something I can relate to :)
"Do you ever think, when you're all alone
All that we could be, Where this thing could go
Am I crazy or falling in love
Is it real or just another crush
Do you catch a breath, when I look at you
Are you holding back, like the way I do
Cause I'm trying, trying to walk away
But I know this crush ain't goin away"

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