Monday, January 28, 2008

The Stalker Is Revealed

Wohooooo! Guess what, you are never gonna believe it, I have sooo made it !I have gotten a post in ED Board!! Although it wasnt the job I was aiming for, I am so satistfied with what I got... I got to be in techniques, which has to do with typing and figuring out people's messy handwriting. I got that description from Aveena.
Such a wierd thing happened today... as I was congratulating my friend, who is a guy as he made the cut in ED Board too, My BM teacher suddenly pulled me aside and we had a little walk and talk. Do you know what she said?? This was how my conversation with my overprotective teacher went:
Tea: Is that your boyfriend?
Me: WHAT!? NOOOO! Thats my friend and we were just talking
Tea: You sure?
Me: YES!!
Tea: Nowadays in class, I always find you daydreaming, are you ok?
Tea: Really? Cuz you look like you are stalking Form 1 and Form 3 guys
Me: (Shocked) No, Im good!
Oh My Goodness!!How in the world does she know that I stalk guys during my free time? Well hes not Form1 or Form3 but still! And thats just for fun, I seriously dont like him! Ahhhhh, I feel like everyone knows my hobby now...Hmm, I wonder if she reads my blog....

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